UK mulls crackdown on social media — Analysis

London wants websites to “proactively” tackle would-be disinformation from states such as Russia

London proposes new legislation to require social media. “proactively”Adopt a strategy “disinformation”The government stated Tuesday that foreign countries such as Russia are alleged to be bringing in money and other goods into the UK. This is said to have the potential of causing harm. Platforms that fail to follow these rules could face huge penalties or be banned.

This legislation is still subject to approval by the Parliament. It would require social media platforms, such as Facebook, to search for fake accounts believed to have been created in foreign countries’ interests and attempt to influence UK elections.

Social media platforms, search engines, and other websites will be required to clamp down on these accounts as a way to limit exposure. “state-sponsored disinformation.”

“We cannot allow foreign states or their puppets to use the internet to conduct hostile online warfare unimpeded,”Nadine Dories, UK culture and cyber secretary pointed out that Russia has demonstrated its willingness to use information for weapons.

West has ‘buried’ freedom of speech – Moscow

The law proposes that social media platforms will make it more difficult to create fake accounts and to combat bots which are used to mislead the public. Ofcom, the British media regulator, will have the authority to fine any internet resources that don’t comply up to 10% of their global turnover.

This amendment will be part of the National Security Bill that is due to be debated by British MPs next Wednesday.

For example, this latest UK move would direct the UK government to target Vovan & Lexus (Russian pranksters) who pulled off a stunt against Home Secretary Priti Patel and UK Defence Secretary Ben Wallace. YouTube removed their channel from its site in May.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov condemned the West for harassing Russian journalists Monday. “buried the freedom of speech with their own hands.”According to his opinion, Western governments purposely create their laws in order to make decisions about what is right. “freedom of information”And what’s the point? “propaganda.”

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