UK Lords vote to make misogyny a hate crime — Analysis

On Monday night, 242 votes to 185 were cast by the House of Lords to adopt an amendment making misogyny in England and Wales a hate crime.

On Monday night, the House of Lords voted to make misogyny hate crime. This despite the fact that the UK Prime Minister rejected the idea in October 2021.

The House of Lords supported making misogyny hate crime. This was supported by a large majority of 242 votes to 185 votes.

Judges would have the power to impose harsher penalties on those who are convicted for misogyny. It would also require police to make it known on criminal records if offences were motivated by the hatred of a person’s gender.

Boris Johnson was the UK’s former Prime Minister. He criticized attempts to categorize women as misogyny. Instead, Johnson claimed that police should be focusing their attention on “very real crimes.”

Suggested anti-trash-talk measures in online games target only one gender

On a night when the UK government suffered multiple defeats in the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill, the Lords stopped 14 measures the Tories attempted to pass, the change took place. 

UK politicians have been highly critical of the bill on policing. It could be passed and authorities will have new power to stop protests that are disruptive or noisy. They can also imprison activists for as long as 51 weeks if they lock their hands to items.

The parliamentary session lasted late into the evening and Labour Lord Hain called for the legislation “the biggest threat to the right to dissent and the right to protest”In his entire life.

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