UK grounds fighter jets over safety issues — Analysis

British soldiers have discovered a problem in the primary Typhoon fighter-jet’s ejection seat.

Britain has stopped “non-essential”Royal Air Force (RAF), Friday announced that the Eurofighter Typhoon was flying again. It was called a “remarkable” measure. “temporary” safety precaution stemming from an issue with the planes’ ejector seats.

“We have been notified of a technical issue which may affect the safe operation of our ejector seats in Typhoon and [Red Arrows] aircraft. We have paused non-essential flying as a temporary safety precaution until the situation is better understood,”Tweeted by RAF

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Britain maintains a fleet of some 100 Eurofighter Typhoon aircraft, which are the country’s primary multirole fighter jet. Also, the Red Arrows’ aerobatics team uses the BAE Systems Hawk trainer plane to address the ejection-seat issue. However, the military is not providing any details about the nature or potential severity of the issue. “temporary”Grounding the fleet

This announcement was made just days before Bray Air Show 2022 began. Although they were initially expected to be part of the seaside spectacle, the Red Arrows, also known as Royal Air Force Aerobatic Team (RAFAT), are now not likely, local media reports citing military sources.

Aerobatics Team, which is based in RAF Scampton, retweeted the RAF message, but did not provide any further information on either the ejection seats issue or their participation at the airshow.

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