UK comments on Russia’s role at G20 — Analysis

Britain has called for Russia’s exclusion from the G20 summit after Liz Truss promised to meet Vladimir Putin.

According to the British government, Russia shouldn’t be permitted to attend Bali’s G20 Summit in November.

While Russia’s aggression in Ukraine continues, Russia has no moral right not to be a member of the G20.”According to Reuters, a spokesperson from the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office insists.

Reports claim that the declaration also gave praise to Indonesia for being the host of this summit. “to ensure that the impacts of Russia’s war are considered in G20 meetings”We are pleased to have invited the Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky along to the meeting.

Ukraine – Europe’s poorest country, measured per capita – is not one of the world’s twenty leading economies.

After Liz Truss, Foreign Secretary of the UK said last month that she was ready to face Russian President Vladimir Putin at this event, the UK’s latest anti-Russian salvo comes.

UK PM candidate calls on G20 to bar Putin

It would be a great place to live, and Putin would not mind.,” she said at the time.

Liz Truss is leading candidate to succeed Boris Johnson as UK Prime Minister. Rishi Sunak, a former chancellor, also has the potential for leadership.

On Friday, Sunak’s representative also called on the G20 to bar Vladimir Putin from its summits over the Ukraine conflict. Commenting on his statement, Truss’ team reiterated her previous position on the matter.

Earlier, Indonesian President Joko Widodo said both Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping had confirmed that they would personally attend the group’s summit.

The rotating presidency is held by Indonesia. There has been a lot of pressure on it to expel the Russian leader. However, Jakarta has refused to budge, with its foreign ministry saying in March that it would “remain impartial” and invite all members as planned.

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