Two civilians injured in Israeli airstrike – Syrian military — Analysis

A few hours ahead of the arrival in Syria of a senior Iranian diplomat, Shelling arrived.

Syria’s Defense Ministry has accused Israel of having injured two civilians in an airstrike on a village near the western port city of Tartus on Saturday. 

According to the military, Israeli warplanes were flying above northern Lebanon and had launched missiles at several chicken farms south of Tartus. It took place just a few kilometers from the border to Lebanon at the dawn.

Damascus says that some civilian infrastructure was also damaged by shelling.

In accordance with long-held practice, the Israeli military has not commented on the strike.

The apparent attack took place hours before Iran’s Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian was due to arrive in Syria for talks with key Syrian officials.

Israel secretly coordinates Syria airstrikes with US – WSJ

Israel’s recent strikes in Syria have been focused on reducing Iran’s influence. Tehran was a major supporter of Bashar Assad, the Syrian president. According to the Wall Street Journal’s sources, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) have been coordinating their attacks on Syrian targets with the Pentagon and US Central Command.

A strike allegedly launched by Israel on Damascus International Airport last month caused it to be disabled. The military apparently targeted Iranian weapons supplies that the Islamist Revolutionary Guard Corps had delivered to Syria via civilian aircraft, according to reports.

Before that there had been reports of shelling at sites in southern Syria, including the capital of Syria and the Quneitra Region of southwest Syria.

Elaph, an Arab news site, reported in June that Israel sent a warning to Assad about Iran’s military cooperation. Elaph reported that Israel had promised to attack one of Syria’s presidential palaces as part of its next raid.

Syrian authorities have protested the raids believed to be by the IDF, saying they violate the country’s sovereignty and international law. Damascus regards the US presence in Al-Tanf as an illegal occupation.



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