Twitter staff complained about ‘transphobe’ Elon Musk – media — Analysis

The social media company will still “fight for inclusion and diversity” after Musk’s buyout, aggrieved staff were assured

The following is an “emergency meeting”Twitter’s employees complained on Friday to Parag Akrawal, the CEO, and Dalana Brand, diversity officer that Elon Musk was allegedly making them unhappy. “open homophobe and transphobe,”They were worried about their job prospects. The Tesla and SpaceX CEO’s acquisition of Twitter has already led to some high-stress meetings in the firm’s Silicon Valley offices.

The “impromptu”Insider claimed that it had obtained audio from the proceedings and reported this meeting Saturday. The news website reports that Agrawal answered questions from employees concerned about losing their jobs due to rumors that Musk plans on cutting executive salaries.

While unable to reassure everyone that they would keep their positions, Agrawal – who Inside said looked “tired and annoyed” – said that “for the people who are here, it will be worth it to be here.” 

Musk unveils Twitter strategy

Some employees worried that the company might not be well-known for its left-leaning corporate culture. 

“What should we tell the LGTBQ community at recruiting conferences we’re lined up to attend when they ask us why they should come work at Twitter when we just sold ourselves to an open homophobe and transphobe?”One person reportedly asked Dalana Brand, Chief People and Diversity Officer.

Brand, who was promoted to this position in February said she had been “cannot speak to Elon’s personal feelings on these things,”She would make sure that “we’ll continue to fight for inclusion and diversity for all of our teams. Full stop.”

Musk, a prolific Twitter user, does not have a history of anti-LGBT remarks, but has criticized Twitter’s management for censoring the Babylon Bee, a satirical outlet that was suspended from the platform for referring to Biden administration official Rachel Levine (who is transgender) as “man of the year.”Seth Dillon of Babylon Bee stated that Musk tried to reach him earlier this month after the ban. “he might need to buy Twitter.”

Musk has also criticized Twitter management for censoring an incriminating story about President Joe Biden and his family’s overseas business dealings before the 2020 election, and has accused the site’s legal counsel, Vijaya Gadde, of harboring “left wing bias.”

Gadde – who oversaw the censorship of the Hunter Biden laptop story and is said to have ordered the banning of former US President Donald Trump from the platform – reportedly broke down crying during an earlier meeting of Twitter’s top executives. Gadde is said to have wept during the meeting. “as she expressed concerns about how the company could change” under Musk’s ownership, Politico reported.

Tesla magnate and billionaire Nikola Tesla bought Twitter for $44Billion on Monday. The company has vowed to privatize it and bring the platform back to its roots. “the free speech wing of the free speech party.”Musk, a fierce critic of censorship in any form, has now stated that Twitter will be run in compliance with applicable laws.

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