Turkey questions US military activities in Greece — Analysis

Turkey’s president challenges the US claim that its military bases in Greece are there to counter Russia

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has cast doubt over the need for the US to expand its military presence in Greece, and Washington’s claim that its bases are needed to counter Russia.

“Currently, nine US military bases have been established in Greece. They have been used against whom? They said that Russia was their target. But we won’t buy that,”Erdogan stated this after an Ankara meeting with Nicolas Maduro the Venezuelan president.

For decades, the US military has been present in Greece. It is possible to receive the largest American aircraft carriers at the Souda naval station on Crete.

After the US and Greece renewed their mutual defence agreement last month, three military bases on the Greek continental were granted to the Pentagon.

Erdogan in Turkey Slams Greek PM

Turkey and Greece, a NATO member, have a troubled relationship due to historic and territorial differences. Erdogan expressed frustration repeatedly over US bases located in Greece.

The Turkish leader spoke out in May and stated that the Greek prime minster was the best. “no longer exists”For him, he accused Kyriakos Mitchellsotakis de blocking a Turkish request for F-16 fighter jets.

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