Turkey invites Poland to come and see it’s not sending migrants to border with Belarus — RT World News

Turkey has invited Poland to send “technical teams” to conduct inspections at Istanbul Airport, after Warsaw accused Ankara of fueling the migrant crisis at its border with Belarus.

On Wednesday, Mevlut Cavasoglu, Turkish Foreign Minister, discussed the situation in a telephone call with Zbigniew Rau from Poland. He rejected the idea. “baseless allegations”According to the Turkish Foreign Ministry, there was no evidence against Turkey or Turkish Airlines.

To ensure “public opinion [is] informed correctly,”Cavusoglu was then “extended an offer to bring technical teams from Poland,”The statement was added.

Following the phone conversation, Poland’s Foreign Ministry tweeted that the two NATO allies had discussed how to “coordinate efforts to stop weaponization”The migrant crisis and decided to “work together to counter the use of illegal migrants by [Belarus President Alexander] Lukashenko’s regime as a hybrid attack against the neighbors.”

On Tuesday, the Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki accused Turkey of opening a crossing between Istanbul, Minsk and providing refuge for thousands of people at the border with Poland and Belarus.

“We see that [Turkey’s actions]They are perfectly synchronized with Russia and Belarus. It is a problem for us. We don’t like it,”Morawiecki said that the bilateral relations between Warsaw (Poland) and Ankara were one-sided.

“A month or two ago, Turkey seemed to want to work closely with us. [It wanted]We can help you extinguish the flames [wildfires], our help in promoting the Turkish tourism industry,”He stated. “Unfortunately, [this has]One-way favor turned out to have been a good idea. We don’t like it and we point this out to our Turkish friends.”

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The clash on the EU’s border with Belarus isn’t a ‘migrant crisis’

Turkish Airlines, however, was rebuffed Tuesday “baseless”It was claimed that they were establishing “a ground for illegal immigration traffic.”EU officials blame the national carrier’s inability to handle the flow of asylum seekers and migrants.

On Monday thousands of refugees from North Africa and Middle East arrived at the border with Belarus. They are currently camped in a barbed-wire-fenced no man’s land between the two countries.

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