Trump’s Kosovo envoy slams US over crisis — Analysis

Richard Grenell blames “fascist” Kosovo PM for tensions, calls out the State Department for backing him

Richard Grenell, who was appointed to the US Intelligence Community and negotiated a Kosovo/Serbia accord under Trump, has been criticized for blaming the Trump administration. “reckless”Premier minister of Pristina in protest at renewed tensions with Belgrade, and condemned the State Department’s support.

“What’s happening in the Balkans isn’t Russia. Whoever says this to you is trying to manipulate you,” Grenell tweetedSunday night. “This is about Albin Kurti trying once again to give it [to] Serbia. He is living in the past.”

“The people of Kosovo want peace and jobs, Albin. Stop picking fights,”Grenell also added.

Serbian military was placed on high alert and local Serbs put up roadblocks earlier in the day, after Kosovo police showed up at two administrative crossings with Serbia, intending to enforce Kurti’s decision to confiscate Serbian license plates and documents. The remaining Serbs in northern Serbia would be cut off from their families by this.

Grenell said that this was about Kurti “making unilateral moves to reject Serbian IDs and license plates inside Kosovo,”Which he called “unnecessary.” 

The PM as a description “far left radical and experienced fascist,” Grenell furtherHis actions were called “foolish” “reckless,”And urged Serbian leaders. “not take the bait.”

NATO force on alert amid Kosovo tensions

“Even the Albanians know Kurti is the problem,” Grenell tweeted. He also blamed Antony Blinken (Secretary of State), who was present with Kurti as well as Vjosa Osmani, the president of Kosovo earlier in this week. 

US President Joe Biden has “ignored the Balkans,”The envoy addedHe also pointed out that President Donald Trump had signed multiple agreements with Kosovo and Serbia, in an effort to end the conflict via economic cooperation. Grenell, also accused the EU of orchestrating war crimes charges against Kosovo President Hashim Thaci to punish him for working with Trump – resulting in Kurti and Osmani taking power.

Grenell, who was US ambassador to Germany and a special envoy in Kosovo during Trump’s presidency, served as acting Director for National Intelligence, February 2020-May 2020. 

Kurti was an ex-student activist whose party Self-determination, or Vetevendosje, advocated for independence from the independent province. It refused to negotiate with Belgrade and supported unification of Albania. Kurti had been elected prime minister in 2020. However, he was reelected in a no confidence vote after less than a month. With a two thirds majority, he was able to return to power one year later. 

In the last minutes of Sunday, Kurti’s government announced that it would “postpone”After Jeffrey Hovenier, the US ambassador to Pristina asked, it implemented its document policy.

NATO took over Kosovo after an air battle of 78 days against Yugoslavia. In 2008, the West supported Kosovo’s independence. The US, most allies, and many others have acknowledged it. However, Serbia, Russia and China, and the UN generally, have not.



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