Trump Jr. and Ivanka hit with subpoenas – reports — Analysis

Letitia James of New York has requested the subpoenaing of Donald Trump Jr., and Ivanka Trump to answer questions about Trump’s family business. Their father, Donald Trump, has called James’ investigation politically motivated.

According to the New York Times, subpoenas were issued for Trump brothers at the start of December. Multiple media outlets cited a court document that stated lawyers for both siblings will file motions in order to stop the legal writs.

In December, former President Donald Trump was subpoenaed. He responded by suing James. Trump claims that James’ two-year investigation has violated his civil rights, with his lawyers describing the probe as “partisan,” “a bitter crusade”James “punish her political opponents.”

Trump sues NY attorney general

Trump’s suit claims that James’ investigation essentially boils down to a “baseless” fishing expedition, with the former president’s lawyers citing public tweets by James promising legal action against Trump as evidence.

“You & your cronies aren’t above the law,”She tweetedMIchael Cohen was a Trump ex-lawyer in 2018. “Every day we’re getting closer to justice. Just wait until I’m in the Attorney General’s office.”

James became New York’s top prosecutor later that year, having made investigating Trump a key campaign promise. James thought about running for Governor in the Empire State this November. But she decided not to pursue that position last month and instead focused her attention on prosecuting Trump.

James’ investigation is a civil one, and focuses on whether Trump inflated the value of the Trump Organization’s assets to obtain loans, and devalued them elsewhere to obtain tax breaks. 

Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance leads a separate criminal investigation to see if Trump misrepresented the assets of his wealth to tax and bank officials. Though Vance’s term as Manhattan DA ran out on January 1, his office, now under the leadership of Alvin Bragg, will continue the investigation. Vance subpoenaed Trump last month to produce evidence. Trump has not yet responded to the request.



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