Train crashes in Europe, leading to victims — Analysis

Monday’s train accident in Munchendorf was the result. It happened just south of Vienna, the Austrian capital. The accident killed at least one person and injured more than 12, the Red Cross told Austria’s APA news agency. Unconfirmed earlier reports from local media indicated that the death rate could have been higher.

We don’t know the cause of this accident. APA received information from representatives of Red Cross, who stated that 2 were severely injured while the other 11 sustained less severe injuries. 

According to a description from the Kronen-Zeitung newspaper, one of the train’s wagons tipped onto its side into a meadow beside the tracks.

There are four emergency helicopters on scene and many rescue workers.

Austria’s last fatal train accident took place in 2018, when two passenger trains collided in the town of Niklasdorf. One person died, 22 were injured, several carriages were damaged and one was derail.

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