Top 6 Best Employers for Single Parents

Both building a successful career and being a parent are challenging tasks on their own, but combining the two can seem impossible. Yet, millions of parents across the country find a way to juggle both at the same time. So, how do they do it without pulling their hair out? 

The answer is a lot simpler than most people think. To strike a balance between home life and work, you need to find an employer who understands the struggles single parents face. Here’s a list of the top six companies who do just that. 

  1. IBM

Based in Armonk, New York, IBM has been an integral part of the technological revolution since its earliest days. They also happen to be features in Working Mother Magazine’s 100 Best Companies list for 30 years straight. 

Subsidized daycare is an enormous contributor to that success, but so are their 529 plans that help parents save up for their child’s college education. IBM also provides college coaching for employees alongside financial counseling, which has allowed thousands of parents to through increasing their education into the juggling act with ease. 

  1. General Mills

Also featured in Working Mothers Magazine, there’s a lot to love about General Mills. Job-sharing, flexible schedules, and telecommuting options are just the icing on the cake for single parents who don’t want to sacrifice their child’s lives and interests to a job. 

General Mills also gives new parents the option to reduce their working hours for up to eight weeks. That is, of course, after maternity leave. As an added bonus, this food manufacturer also provides paternity leave. 

  1. Colgate-Palmolive

Landing a spot in Forbes’ top 25 companies for work-life balance, Colgate-Palmolive offers excellent incentives for single parents. First, there’s free legal counseling. That’s excellent news if you’re in need of an experienced divorce lawyer in Orange County. Then there’s onsite childcare, financial counseling, and relocation assistance. 

  1. SAS Institute

This software analytics company in North Carolina is in the top ranks on Glassdoor and Fast Company Magazine. The company operates on a 35-hour workweek with plenty of telecommuting possibilities for employees, making your schedule incredibly flexible. You also have childcare, a healthcare clinic, and gym onsite. If that isn’t enough, SAS also offers free work-life counseling. 

  1. Wegmans Food Markets

Supermarkets and single parents rarely mesh outside of buying groceries, but Wegmans breaks the mold. You can continue your education with tuition assistance, enjoy 85-100% healthcare coverage for you and your dependents, and stay home longer with flexible hours. Not bad for a supermarket, right?

  1. Quicken Loans

Rated the best place for IT professionals by ComputerWorld in 2015, Quicken Loans is a great option for single parents. Take advantage of $5,000 in adoption benefits, 10 days of paid leave, 26 annual paid holidays, and vacation leave after your first year. 

Mothers can also rely on a full 90 days of protected maternity leave. Also noted as an excellent place to work for women, you won’t have to worry about hiring an Orange County sexual harassment lawyer here. Finally, it’s an IT company. That means plenty of flexibility with telecommuting. 


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