Tips for Nailing an Interview  

Alexander Djerassi, the policy expert, knows a lot about job interviews. And as is obvious, you may be the right person for the job, and in fact, you may be considered almost the only person for the job, if you don’t nail the interview the job will likely go to someone else. Here are some of the best interview tactics according to Djerassi:

#1. Research the Company and Be Prepared to Show What You Know

No company is the same, and even if they are nearly identical to a competitor, nobody wants to admit it. To a company hiring for a position, they feel they are the most important company on the planet, let alone your city. The more you know about the company the better.

Most likely you will be asked point-blank, “What do you know about our company?” But if you don’t get asked, be prepared to chime in. You might say for example, “I noticed when you instituted new software last year for your company, customer satisfaction went way up. I am well versed in that software.”

With a remark like that you not only indicated your familiarity with the company but also indicated how you can add value to the company.

#2. Scout the Appropriate Dress

While in many companies, suits and ties are standard, in others, it’s strictly business shirts. If you go in wearing a coat and tie to a software company for example, you’ll stick out like a sore thumb.

#3. Get Ready Ahead of Time

Alexander Djerassi wants to stress the importance of preparing an ensemble researching the company a day before the interview. This means getting your interview outfit picked out the night before, having an alternative, getting up early, and taking a couple of test drives to your location to scout how much time it will take you to arrive and where to park your car.

#4. Be Early, But Not Too Early

Get to the location at least 30 minutes early but then walk into the door 10 minutes before your interview. That’s the right amount of time to wait. And by all means, never, ever, be late.

#5. Have Your Resume Polished and Ready

It’s entirely possible you will need to supply another resume to the interviewer. Something may have happened to the original.

#6. Rehearse Your Interview Ahead of Time

Whether you do it in front of a mirror or a camera, you should anticipate most of the questions you will be asked. Pay attention to how you answer and also pay attention to your body language. Do you seem calm and non-fidgety?

#7. Build Rapport With the Interviewer

Building rapport with the interviewer is very important. Know their name. If there is more than one interviewer, be sure to jot down the names. Try to use their name in as smooth as possible a manner when in the interview. You don’t want to seem overly personal, but at the same time, you don’t want to seem distant.

#8 Follow Up

Send a thank-you note, immediately after the interview so it arrives the next day. And not by email. Make it a personal note.


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