TIMEPieces Joins Forces with FOTO, Gaining Licensing Rights to FOTO’s Digital Artwork and its Vibrant Community of Artists, Technologists, and Collectors

TIME’s TIMEPieces announced today that they will be joining forces with FOTO to create a Web3 Community that allows artists to share the tools and resources necessary to grow their careers using NFTs.

Part of this collaboration:

  • TIMEPieces has a worldwide license for artwork that was minted in FOTO vaults. We will collaborate with artists on a roadmap to include the artwork within the TIMEPieces ecosystem over the next months.
  • FOTO Community will become the first specialized community of photographers in the TIMEPieces Discord Channel. This community allows artists to connect, collaborate, show their work and educate others about photography.

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FOTO is an artist led collective that consists of eight photographers of international renown. The vaults contain 24 works of art and there are more than 450 techlogists and artists who work together to innovate and create in the NFT area. They include: Alejandro Cartagena Ben Strauss Cath Simard Dave Krugman Isaac “Drift” Wright J.N. Silva John KnopfAnd Ravi Vora

Keith A. Grossman, President, TIME stated: “We are thrilled to welcome the FOTO artists and community into the TIMEPieces family. By coming together, our shared vision allows us to create an innovative, inclusive and disintermediated future that leverages technology in the art world for increased creativity, collaboration and mutual benefit.”

John Knopf, Photographer and Founding Member of FOTO added: “When we set out to build FOTO, it was the first of its kind, an artist led and curated vault that gave people an entry point into world renowned art. To show young artists how this new blockchain technology can work with art, we wanted to do it. Additionally, photography was to be a pioneer in NFT art. Joining with TIME achieves that beyond our wildest dreams, all the vault artists are thrilled to be part of the TIME artists’ family.”

FOTO’s partnership comes after the launch of TIMEPieces in September and the Build a better Future Genesis Collection. There were 40 artists featured in the Genesis Drop and there were 4,676 art pieces. These artists were a mix of NFT artists and TIME traditional artists and featured three FOTO artists. TIMEPieces has announced the first-ever Artist in Residence program. Nyla Hayes is a 12-year old girl whose collection will go to a whitelist on


About TIMEPieces

TIMEPieces can be a new NFT community and Web3 initiative from TIME formed to continue TIME’s nearly 100-year legacy of highlighting the most important artists of an era while leading the brand into new innovative spaces for the next 100 years.

The Genesis Drop: Build a Better Future explored artists’ unique takes on the theme and features original works by more than 40 artists including: Addie Wagenknecht · Allison Dayka · Baeige · Cath Simard · Charly Palmer · Destiny Kirumira · Diana Sinclair · Drue Kataoka · Dylan Urquidi · Ed Gabel & Ian Brown · Edel Rodriguez · Emonee LaRussa · FVCKRENDER · Houda Bakkali · Isabel Samaras & Marcos Sorensen · J.N. Silva · John Knopf · John Mavroudis · Julie Pacino · Justin Aversano & Nicole Buffett · Kendall Chambers · Kenji Chai · Lethabo Huma · Marc Burckhardt · Micah Johnson · Olive Allen · Oscar Mar · Parin Heidari · Red Hong Yi · Sarah Kanu · Shana Wilson · Steve Warner · Tim O’Brien · Tyler Gordan · Victor Mosquera · Viktoria Modesta & Katie McIntyre & Nina Hawkins · Yvette Hammond


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