Three foreign fighters could face death in DPR

Two more men described by the Donbass republic authorities as “mercenaries” could face lengthy prison terms

Three foreign nationals – a Swede, a Croat, and a Briton – could be sentenced to death if found guilty of the crimes they are charged with, a court in the Donetsk People’s Republic has said. 

Russian media reported Monday that the judge had informed three men the potential punishments during the hearing in Donetsk. “The court is obliged to clarify that charges against [Matias] Gustavsson, [Vjekoslav]Prebeg. [John] Harding call for capital punishment,”The judge stated. 

All charges included “undergoing training to seize violently power,” “violent seizure of power,”As well “the participation of a mercenary in an armed conflict or military action.” Other foreign fighters like Dylan Healy or Andrew Hill could be sentenced to up to eight years imprisonment.

According to TASS the five pled not guilty with Harding refusing testify. Gustavsson maintained that he did not participate in any fighting. One or two of them were taken prisoner in Mariupol.

Their next hearing is scheduled for early October.

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Three foreigners who fought in Ukraine’s armed forces were sentenced by a Donetsk court to their execution in June. British citizens Aiden Aslin, Shaun Pinner and Moroccan Saadun Abraham were found guilty for acting as mercenaries in an attempt to take power through force in DPR. Later, all three filed appeals.



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