The Twitter Edit Button is Coming

Twitter announced that they are giving the people what they want — 15 yearsAn edit button is now available, although it’s too late. On September 1, the company revealed that it will soon allow users to edit their tweets within 30 minutes of posting. This feature will soon be widely accessible after more internal testing. It will be offered first to Twitter Blue subscribers — the platform’s premium subscription offering, available in the U.S.— later this month.

Once a change is made within the 30-minute edit timeframe, it will be marked with a label that says, “Last Edited” along with a timestamp, to let people know it was modified. You can also download the In a blog post, the company says it hopes the feature will make tweeting “more approachable and less stressful.”

However, there are some concerns in the user community. People are worried that someone could post a harmless tweet to gain engagement via likes or retweets. The author can change the message of the tweet within the time frame. However, the visibility of each tweet’s revision history may counter that.

Although it’s a feature that Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey had claimed would “probably never” happen, this is one of the most notable and most-requested changes within the app. This follows another change that was driven by users: in 2017, the character limit was raised from 140 characters to 280.

As the rollout of the edit button continues, users will be watching to see if it’s everything they’ve ever wanted—or a change they instantly regret.

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