The Most Educated States In The U.S.

The Most Educated States In The U.S.

Diego Ruiz Duran believes that education is what is of great importance between the U.S. and Mexico, especially since they are neighboring countries. He believes higher education is good for economic growth, so naturally a person should pick the best school available to him or her. The Law Education is different in Mexico than the U.S., making the U.S. offer better careers in education, and making Mexico a wonderful place for leisure. That being said, here is a list of the most educated states in the U.S.:

1. Massachusetts.

2. Maryland.

3. Connecticut.

4. Vermont.

5. Colorado.

6. Virginia.

7. New Jersey.

8. New Hampshire.

9. Minnesota.

10. Washington.

The 10 states with the highest education scores are:

1. Massachusetts – 80.06

2. Maryland – 73.21

3. Vermont – 70.07

4. Connecticut – 68.22

5. Colorado – 67.97

6. Virginia – 66.98

7. New Hampshire – 66.32

8. Minnesota – 65.57

9. Utah – 64.53

10. Washington – 63.77

Massachusetts ranks the highest in educated people in the U.S.. 43.7% of the adult population has a Bachelor’s Degree and about 32.4% have a Professional Degree. It has Ivy League Schools such as Harvard and MIT. The quality of education is also the highest, therefore the people living there have an above average income.

Maryland is the second highest ranking in most educated and third highest in attainment. 40.2% have a Bachelor’s Degree and 17.6% have a Graduate Degree. It ranks first in educational quality, making jobs in Washington D.C. readily available.

Connecticut is number 3 for the most educated state. It is number 4 for attainment and number 5 for quality. It is also number 5 for highest percentage of adults with Bachelor’s Degrees, which is 38.9%. And it is the third highest for adults with Professional Degrees, which is 17%.

Vermont is number 4 for the most educated state, number 5 for attainment, and number 7 for quality. It ranks 6th highest for people who have a High School Diploma at 92.7%, and ranks number 7 for those with Bachelor’s Degrees. The University of Vermont is the largest in the 

State, with the Medical Center hiring the most people.

Colorado is number 5 in the most educated states and its educational attainment is the second highest. It has the highest percentage of adults with Associate Degrees, and second highest of adults with Bachelor’s Degrees. 39.4% of the adults have a Bachelor’s Degree, and 30.2% earned an Associate’s Degree. In spite of this it ranks 35 in quality education.

The States with the highest literacy, which is 93%, are: North Dakota, Minnesota, and New Hampshire.

The Eastern SeaBoard has many Ivy League Schools, which makes Massachusetts, Connecticut, Vermont, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire great places to get educated. They have high quality Medical and Law Schools.
The current census is what determines what the most educated states are. Diego Ruiz Duran is aware of this and he thinks Americans should live their dreams and be aware of possible opportunities


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