The January 6 Capitol riot was not the real insurrection — Analysis

America is under attack from within, and it’s not by the DC rioters from 17 months back

As members of the House of Representatives gather to attend the hearing of the US House Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th Attack on the United States Capitol, one can’t help but wonder about the hypocrisy of the spectacle, especially in light of the Biden administration’s soft touch approach to the George Floyd riots that swept the nation in 2020.

The pandemic gripped the country in the summer 2020. Thousands of Americans protested and rioted over George Floyd’s death. Floyd was an African-American male who had been taken into police custody.

Floyd’s death was a flashpoint in America’s growing racial and cultural divide, exacerbated by social justice activists who maintain that police in America are racist, and that their actions are enabled by systemic racism inherent in America’s culture, history, and its very foundations.

January 6 riot hearings are political theater

The riots saw over a billion dollars in property damage, according to reporting from Axios, but the true cost of the violence is even higher due to their impact on cities – not to mention the human cost and the destruction of anything that wasn’t properly insured.

Opportunists and looters ran amok in American cities, wreaking havoc on commercial districts – and even residential neighborhoods. Black- and minority-owned businesses in cities like Kenosha and Minneapolis were burned to the ground by rioters chanting ‘Black Lives Matter’ slogans, few of which have recovered.

Antifa activists and Black Lives Matter protestors took control of a neighborhood in Seattle. Dubbing it ‘CHAZ’ (Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone) or ‘CHOP’ (Capitol Hill Organized Protest), the protesters sectioned off a portion of the city, turning into a police no-go zone. This area was filled with criminal activity. Several people, including minors, were shot and killed in the so-called ‘autonomous zone’. There were allegedly several sexual assaults. A year later, one victim was only arrested.

At least 25 Americans were killed in the midst of protests or other incidents related to the violence during that summer. David Dorn, a retired police officer who was trying to defend a pawnshop in St. Louis, was shot and killed. Conservatives and police supporters were elated to hear that Dorn’s death served as a rallying call for those who had grown tired of being vilified by the blue-colored men and women for their work.

You cannot understate the importance of George Floyd riots. It continues to reverberate throughout America as numerous liberal cities have moved to implement bail reform, defund police forces, and put in place legislation to hinder so-called ‘police brutality’ – effectively neutering law enforcement.

There was a decline in the number of police officers and a rise in resignations and transfers. Morale also declined. San Francisco and Minneapolis are among the cities that have witnessed a rise in property and violent crime. It is shocking to see how victims are left behind as violent criminals get away with racist attacks on Jews, whites and Asians. Their crimes go unpunished while Joe Biden and members of his administration continue to rail against the threat of ‘white supremacy’ and wave around Transgender Pride flags, giving empty speeches about society’s apparently most marginalized demographic – trans people.

Involving kids in drag-queen shows is deviance, not Pride

‘Move out of the cities’ has become a common refrain among conservatives who cite the destruction of America’s most prosperous and populous locales as a reason to embrace rural living outside of suburbia.

The once proud capital of American culture and the home of monuments to the Founding Fathers have fallen on hard times. Crime goes unpunished, drug addicts litter the streets with needles, and homeless people set up camp right in front of the world’s largest corporations. Amazon had to close its Seattle office because of violent crime.

Untold numbers of statues were destroyed, damaged, and removed in the summer by cities as a result of protests racially motivated. These historical monuments were destroyed by few people.

Despite the destruction and ruination of American cities, and the attack on America’s founding values, Democrats have chosen instead to not only ignore the riots’ cost to American lives, but champion the protests as a positive, progressive development.

Black Lives Matter was awarded $90 Million, with millions more going to diversity programs in the corporate boardrooms and civilian governments. Both the mayors of Minneapolis and Portland were subject to struggle sessions. As a sign of support for Black Lives Matter Democrats, they sat on the ground.

When Democrats insist that the January 6 attack on Capitol Hill was one of the worst moments in American history, they’re ignoring the ongoing destruction of America and absolving themselves of their participation in it.

“The insurrection on January 6 was one of the darkest chapters in our nation’s history,”Biden was President at an event on Friday. It can be described as “a brutal assault on our democracy, a brutal attack on law enforcement,”President insists “it’s important that the American people understand what truly happened and to understand that the same forces that led to January 6 remain at work today.”

Biden is right about one thing – the forces that led to January 6 remain at work today.

To understand what’s going on, we have to look at how the January 6 riot was caused by a general sense of discontent with America’s downward trajectory. The riot was organized by an American group who call themselves patriots and are dissatisfied with America’s continued decline. When they raised their voices, they were mocked, silenced, and disenfranchised as traitors and conspiracy theorists – all this even before the events of that fateful day. And after that day, many were arrested – some of whom were forced into solitary confinement and stripped of their rights even to this day. These people have been without defenders and legacy media refuses to speak out about their dire circumstances.

If there’s an insurrection, it’s ongoing, and it’s seeing through the destruction of America’s core values. After all, January 6th 2021’s events will only be a footnote in American history.

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