The Best Tools and Advice for Food-Based Companies

Between 2020 and 2027, the market for food processing equipment is projected to rise by 7.2%, largely resulting from the increasing public demand for processed food, safety concerns for food and food workers, and the necessity of reducing production costs – particularly in the current financial climate, when many businesses are struggling.

In this post, we have gathered together a selection of some of the best essential advice and equipment available to businesses involved in the production of food, either in terms of cost or based on their efficacy.

Suppliers for Food-Based Manufacturing

When supplying your food-based company with the correct equipment, it is crucial to ensure that you not only use the best, most up-to-date equipment, but also that you source your products from the most reliable, safety-conscious suppliers at a decent price.

To help you decide which supplier to do business with, an element of research is required. Ordinarily, a medium-sized company is a good choice, due to their smaller client base allowing them to be much more focused on customers and less so on profits, and they are far more likely to adhere to FDA standards. Yet this size of business is also large enough to have gathered a good variety of experience and be able to meet your needs than some smaller, more niche companies.    

Industrial Vacuums for Food Production

In food production, retaining the utmost hygiene standards and preventing contamination is essential. Failing in either of these areas could cause food production companies to fall short of specified standards and thus find themselves shut down. Human standards of cleaning, no matter how thorough, are inevitably littered with human error, allowing potential contamination to occur without employee awareness. To combat this issue, it would be wise to invest in an industrial vacuum for food production. Such tools in the food production industry are essential, but must fit a variety of strictly-monitored standards to ensure they can be widely-used: HEPA filters, antistatic filters, complete grounding, and constructed from stainless steel parts that have been FDA-approved.

POS Tools for Food Manufacturers

With the pandemic forcing millions around the globe to remain at home for extensive periods, customers are becoming much more confident and happier to order food and beverage products via the web – a trend that began back in 2018, and looks set to continue. This has also been bolstered by the social-media driven trends of home-baking and cooking designed to alleviate lockdown boredom, particularly amongst Millennials and Gen-Z’ers. Thus, it has become essential for food and beverage producers to establish an online presence and incorporate a point of sale (POS) system onto their website that has the ability to combine retail, wholesale, and eCommerce sales for inventory purposes.

There are a variety of POS tools available for this exact purpose, each with their own unique features that will help you to achieve your business aims.

Whether you are searching for machines and equipment related to the manufacturing, packaging, and distribution of food-production equipment, or online tools to manage sales and communications, this article will help you to locate the most relevant companies for you and your business needs, helping you to take advantage of the sales drive perpetuated by the Covid-19 pandemic.


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