The Best Desus And Mero Interviews: Denzel Washington, Obama

Four seasons of funny interviews and impressions with lots of laughter, Desus & MeroIt is over. The Showtime late night talk show was cancelled. It began as a daily show on Showtime, but transitioned into a weekly show in January 2019. The show’s host, Desus Nio and The Kid Mero, were Bronx residents Joel Martinez and Daniel Baker.

The news was confirmed on Monday by the show’s official Twitter account, in a post that read: “Bodega Hive: The illustrious @desusnice and @THEKIDMERO will be pursuing separate creative endeavors moving forward. #DESUSandMERO won’t be returning to SHOWTIME. It’s been a good run, fam.”

The show’s cancellation also brings an end to nearly a decade of creative collaboration between Desus and Mero, who first met on Twitter in 2013 and kicked off their unique brand of humor with a Complex podcast called Desus Vs. Mero. Complex was eventually split by the pair and the podcast became the Bodega BoysViceland was the host of a talk-show that premiered with Viceland in 2016. It lasted two seasons, including a special 2016 Presidential Election Special with Cardi B. Then they moved to Showtime.

The End of Desus & MeroThis comes amid speculation on the internet about drama between the hosts. Rumors were fuelled by Reddit posts from Mero and Desus about the show.

Their self-proclaimed “No. 1 Show in Late Night” was largely considered a cultural watershed, bringing a fresh perspective and sharp wit to the genre’s very white and homogenous mainstream. Desus and Mero often riffed on cultural trends, roasted celebrities (often with impressions), as well as discussing the latest news.

However, it was their candid and unfiltered interviews with “illustrious guests,” that set them apart in the late night space. Whether bonding over being from the Bronx with Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez or making David Letterman, whom they dubbed the “Michael Jordan of Late Night,” squirm, the pair had the uncanny ability to put their subjects at ease, allowing them to open up and share their hearts as they also shared a laugh.

Here are five outstanding moments as viewers cheer on the finale of an enduring show. Desus & Mero Interviews with some of the most illustrious people in history

Denzel Washington

They began their fourth season with Denzel Washington as the interview subject. Two-time Oscar winner Denzel Washington took time to speak about his incredible film work, which included his recent movie. Macbeth’s TragedyOn the 2 train, from the Bronx to the Bronx, he enjoyed sharing his favourite spots for a slice.

Dr. Fauci

At the height of the pandemic-induced panic in March 2020, Desus and Mero scored a valuable interview with Dr. Anthony Fauci, then a member of Donald Trump’s White House Coronavirus Task force and now the Chief Medical Advisor to President Biden. Fauci gave practical advice, sound scientific facts and some reassurance. The interview brought some lightness to the grim reality of the situation. One of the more delightful moments of the interview, however, was when Fauci, a Brooklyn native, lit up talking about the New York Yankees with Desus and Mero, two of the franchise’s most vocal and devoted fans.

Barack Obama

Of all of Desus and Mero’s illustrious guests, President Obama just might take the cake. It is the 44th president spoke to the Bodega Boys in the Founders’ Library at Howard University, where he lamented not wearing “kicks” or a pair of Timbs to the interview, roasted Desus and Mero’s basketball skills and poked fun at himself for his oft-maligned tan “Suitghazi” suit.

Michelle Yeoh

Over the course of Michelle Yeoh‘s impressive four-decade career as an action film star, she often faced sexism from her male co-stars, who underestimated her ability to do her own stunts, often forcing her to demonstrate her skills and set the record straight. The You can have everything, everywhere, all at onceStar charmingly recounted the story during an interview with Desus. Then, Desus intervened and helped her to recreate the scene with laughable results.

Bernie Sanders

Before he launched his 2020 campaign, Bernie Sanders met with Mero and Desus. While the interview covered plenty of political topics, from marijuana legalization to AOC, it also gave us gems like revealing Sanders’ friendships with rappers Killer Mike and Cardi B. The highlight of the interview, however, might be Sanders’ utter and complete horror at discovering the high costs of sneaker collecting and flipping.

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