The 21 Best HBO Max Shows to Stream

Yout’s not TV, it’s HBO Max, which means instead of mindlessly flipping channels, TV lovers are now endlessly scrolling to find their next great series. This list will help those who find themselves spending more time searching for television shows than actually watching them.

HBO’s two-year-old streaming service has plenty of recent additions that are worth checking out, especially if you are all caught up on up on SuccessionOr Euphoria,Have already viewed every season The SopranosAnd Big Little Lies. The streaming platform has everything, from HBO Max Originals shows to originals like TBS castoff Search PartyThese 21 HBO Max programs are worth your time.


SNL alum Bill Hader stars as the dark comedy’s titular hitman who longs to be a professional actor. Unfortunately, even with the help of his acting teacher Gene Cousineau (played by a very against type Henry Winkler), he can’t seem to quit his day job.


Deborah Vance, the legendary comedian, is in need of some fresh material. Her manager calls upon Ava Einbinder, a struggling, millennial comedian writer to assist her. Take a look at the possibilities The Odd Couple For hardcore humorists.

The Flight Attendant

Cassie Cuoco, a flight attendant, wakes up in bed next to a man she has killed after an evening of partying. It is now up to Cassie to figure out the truth about him and find out how she will be able help solve his murder. Girls’ Zosia Mamet, Grey’s Anatomy’s T.R. In this darkly humorous mystery, Knight and Rosie Perez star.

Station Eleven

The dystopian thriller based on Emily St. Mandel’s 2014 novel of the same name stars Mackenzie Davis as Kirsten Raymonde, a survivor of a flu pandemic that led to the collapse of civilization. Twenty years after the global catastrophe, she’s the leader of a traveling theater group. Kirsten meets a former member of her family when she is requested to lead the troupe in performing for an unknown new community.

Our Flag Means Death

This queer comedy focuses on toxic masculinity and the role of pirates.

The Baby

If you thought Rosemary’s baby was a problem, then you haven’t met the devilish little star of this horror-comedy about an infant that goes on a murdering spree.

College Girls and their Sexual Lives

Mindy Kaling co-created this wholesome comedy for four college students in Vermont. They navigate friendships, studies and even sex life.

This City is Ours

David Simon’s new series, described as a spiritual sequel to The Wire, delves into the corruption behind the Baltimore Police Department’s Gun Trace Task Force. What makes this miniseries starring Jon Bernthal even more chilling is that it’s based on Baltimore Sun reporter Justin Fenton’s book of the same name.


Rose Matafeo, a British romance star creator who lives in London and is a passionate cinema-loving Kiwi. She has an one-night stand at the movies with Nikesh Patel. Fans of Notting Hill Who wouldn’t want Julia Roberts to be sexier?


This drama is about recent college graduates competing for jobs at London’s most prestigious bank. It might be enough to convince you to get a financial planner.

There is somebody out there

Sam Everett (Bridget Everett), who lost her sister to suicide, finds herself back home in Kansas trying to cope with her loss. Luckily, she’s not the only one in town who’s in need of a little cheering up in this dramedy about middle-aged ennui.

The other two

How would your brother become a superstar pop singer? The comedy starring Drew Tarver and Hélene Yorke as the siblings of a Bieberesque teen star dares to answer that question with a lot of heart, humor, and straight-up bangers.

It’s a Sin

Russell T Davies’ emotional series limited (Queer as Folk) follows a group of gay men living in London during the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the 1980s.

Los Espookys

The surreal Spanish-language comedy centers on three friends, played by Julio Torres, Cassandra Ciangherotti, and Bernardo Velasco–who decide to start a spooky new business in which they provide scares for anyone who needs it.


It’s a new kind of show for those who are looking for something different. Suicide Squad-spinoff series that follows John Cena’s comically patriotic hero as he attempts to eliminate a swarm of parasitic butterflies that are taking over people’s bodies.

Sketch Show by A Black Lady

Robin Thede’s sketch comedy series features a who’s who of funny women–Samantha Bee – Full Frontal’s Ashley Nicole Black, Abbott Elementary’s Quinta Brunson, Gabrielle Dennis, and Skye Townsend–skewering the culture.

Search Party

A college friend disappears, and Dory Sief is transformed into Nancy Drew by Alia Shawkat in this dark comedy.

Harley Quinn

Kaley Cuoco voiced Harley. She is single, and she loves the series. After breaking things off with The Joker, she heads to Gotham City looking to make a name for herself as the metropolis’ newest girl boss.


The hilarious comedy was inspired by Julia Child’s life and career (played here by Sarah Lancashire), who created the idea of TV chefs with her series. French Chef.

The Staircase

Starting at Anna InventedYou can find more information here The DropoutAnd everything else in between, The year 2022 was the year of docudrama. But if you only watch one of these based on a true story series, it’s this one, which delves into the story of Michael Peterson, an author who was charged with murdering his wife Kathleen after she died on the staircase of their Durham, N.C. home in 2001.

John Wilson: How to Get Along

John Wilson’s charming documentary series DIY will make anyone smile, whether he is teaching you how to make the perfect Risotto or explaining why cities require scaffolding. Is there any better way to recommend 2022 than this?

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