Texas Republicans declare Biden ‘not legitimately elected’ — Analysis

The party’s state convention adopted a plank denouncing the US president’s election as illegitimate

Texas Republicans adopted a plank to their platform declaring the 2020 election of Democrat Joe Biden as US president to be illegitimate on Saturday during the party’s first in-person convention since 2018. It was one of several planks signaling the party’s further shift rightward.

We deny the certification results of 2020’s presidential election. Furthermore, we believe that Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. acting President was not validly elected by the citizens of the United States“The resolution was passed via voice vote. 

Trump accuses Democrats of plot

A majority of Republicans think the 2020 election was stolen. Recent polls indicate that seven in ten believe Biden is an unlegitimate President despite almost two years of constant messaging opposing the claim. According to Politifact, attempting to “fact-check” the beliefs of those who believe the election was stolen has only led them to hold tighter to those beliefs. 

It has not worked to make those questioning results look bad by calling them insurrectionists during the January 6riot hearings. This only exacerbated the conflict.

Trump’s former president still claims that the election was stolen. However, despite numerous legal challenges in multiple states, his campaign was unable to flip a single electoral vote. In the years since, he has held what amounts to campaign rallies despite not being eligible for presidency in 2024. However, he suggested that a run might be possible during an event in Nashville. 

Biden officially received 7 million more votes than Trump, taking 306 Electoral College votes to Trump’s 270. While some members of the Democratic National Committee suggested that Biden should be resigned after his term ended, Biden reportedly intends to run again. This could lead to a rematch between Trump and Biden.

Biden shouldn’t run again, Democrats tell NYT

Candidates are not permitted to swear loyalty to the Republican Party platform planks. In general, they reflect the wishes of the most activist members of the party – those who show up to its biannual conventions to make their opinions felt. 

Aside from denouncing Biden’s election as false, the Texas Republicans also voted to declare homosexuality an “An unusual lifestyle choice” and gender identity disorder a “Rare and genuine mental illness,” as well as to have schoolchildren “Learn about the humanity and potential for adoption of preborn children.” Additional planks include restricting the government’s abilities to regulate gun ownership or change the number of Supreme Court justices, abolishing the federal income tax, and shutting down the Federal Reserve.



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