Tesla owners go on hunger strike for Musk — Analysis

A spokesperson for the Norwegian Tesla Owners Group told RT that Thursday’s hunger strike was meant to draw attention to Elon Musk as the only person who can resolve the long list of grievances.

“We don’t think that Elon would allow this, if he was made aware of our issues. We feel like it’s our responsibility to make him aware, and we figure a hunger strike would be effective,”Erlend Morch spoke to RT during an interview.

“We hope that he will reach out to us in one way or another and maybe resolve our issues, because we think he’s the only one that can do it,” Morch added. “Elon Musk, please help us.”

Morch (27 years old) spoke on behalf of a group Tesla owner who participated in a hunger strike that occurred Saturday and Sunday. According to their website, Norway has the most Teslas per capita in the world, yet the company’s customer service can’t seem to keep up with the problems.

One of the car owners was shocked to hear his alarm sounding in his car. “continuously, for days,”Morch said that eventually, the device was disabled completely. One man had to travel from Berlin to Oslo in winter with all his windows open. He developed pneumonia. 

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The top four complaints listed on the website include the cars refusing to start in cold – or hot – weather, door handles not working in the cold weather, and an “intense squeaking noise”While driving.

Lights, doors, air conditioners and the on-board computers also don’t work properly sometimes, the cars have a problem charging, and the newer models have issues with rust and poor paint quality.

For all that, Norwegian Tesla owners are committed to their cars – and to Musk, whom they seem to regard as more than just a CEO. The owners of the Teslas had their cars set up to spell out before starting the hunger strike. “HELP”Oslo’s parking lot. Morch declared that owners will announce the strike’s start. “reach our hands to the skies, and hope that the one who looks down on us – with his satellites – will hear our prayers.”

“I still want Tesla to be number one, I just want Tesla to listen to their customers when they complain and hear our cry for help,”Morch spoke to RT.

Musk was scheduled to be in Oslo on Monday for an energy conference. It is not clear if he had noticed the actions. On Wednesday, he tweetedAbout “fasting periodically”Feeling healthier and happier as a result.

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