Taiwan should be recognized as a ‘free and sovereign country – former top US diplomat — Analysis

Mike Pompeo declared that diplomatic recognition of Taipei “can no longer be ignored”

On Wednesday, Mike Pompeo, the former Secretary of State for America said that America must diplomatically recognize Taiwan. “free and sovereign country.”

“It is my view that the United States government should immediately take necessary and long-overdue steps to do the right and obvious thing, that is to offer the Republic of China (Taiwan) America’s diplomatic recognition as a free and sovereign country,”Pompeo.

He chose to refer to the island as the Republic of China, Taiwan’s official name.

This was the clear message from the ex-secretary to state. “isn’t about Taiwan’s future independence”But it is “about recognition of an unmistakable, already existing reality.”

Pompeo, in a speech given to a Taipei think tank, stated that Taiwan’s diplomatic recognition was a must. “can no longer be ignored, avoided or treated as secondary.”

Although the United States has previously switched diplomatic recognition to Beijing in 1979, Taiwan and America have been considered allies. Beijing maintained that Taiwan was a Chinese territory. It stated that Taiwan can be taken over by force at its will.

Chinese Air Force alarms Taiwan with massive flyby

TsaiIng-wen is the current leader of Taiwan. She has won two elections and represents a party for independence. However, she claims that it’s not necessary to declare independence since Taiwan considers itself an independent nation.

Chinese officials previously stated that Taiwanese independence would not be declared in a formal manner. “red line”That could set off a war for the area.

Tsai presented Pompeo with an honorary medal following his Wednesday speech, thanking him for his facilitation efforts. “multiple breakthroughs”During his tenure as secretary of State, relations between Taiwan and the United States.

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