Taiwan relocates fighter jets ahead of Pelosi visit – media — Analysis

Reports say that the island, which is self-rule, deployed French Mirage 2000 fighter planes to guard US speaker’s path.

Local media reported that Taiwan had relocated French-supplied Mirage 2000 fighter aircrafts as well other military equipment ahead of Nancy Pelosi’s possible visit.

The Chihhang Air Base was moved with eight additional planes, in addition to two Mirage 2000 fighters, according to Taiwan’s China Times on Tuesday.

The base is located in the southeastern part of the island, where it is through Pelosi’s plane is expected to approach from, the outlet said. It was also placed on alert.

Meanwhile Taiwan’s Navy deployed two additional anti-submarine helicopters to patrol the waters near the island, the report said.

Pelosi will be the first Speaker of the US House or Representatives in Taiwan for over 20 years. Beijing said the trip would be an affront to the ‘One China’ policy, which lays claim to sovereignty over Taiwan and which Washington formally acknowledges.

China warns about possible Pelosi visits to Taiwan

It was the island where Chinese nationalist troops retreated after they were crushed by communists during 1940s civil war. Even after officially switching diplomatic recognition of Beijing to the US in 1979, the US continued support for the loser and maintained informal relations with Beijing.

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