Taiwan rejects ‘inappropriate’ Ukraine comparison — Analysis

Taiwanese authorities have sought to discredit claims they could become tomorrow’s Ukraine

Taipei Cabinet spokesperson Lo PingCheng issued a statement Monday to try and downplay those who had warned. “today’s Ukraine is tomorrow’s Taiwan.”

“In all areas, the two cannot be compared,”Lo said that Lo accused people of “trying to inappropriately link Ukraine’s situation with Taiwan’s.”

A government official stated that individuals sought to use “this opportunity to manipulate the so-called (topic) of ‘today’s Ukraine, tomorrow’s Taiwan’”In an attempt to disturb “people’s morale.”

Comparison “inadvisable,”The representative of the government outlined the positions taken by Premier Su Tseng Chang and President Tsai Img-wen in Taiwan.

The senior Taiwanese officials have repeatedly stated the island’s departments should step up efforts to combat “external forces using the Ukraine-Russia conflict to carry out cognitive warfare against us,”Lo

EU reveals how long Ukrainian refugees will be allowed to stay

Although the alert has been raised, Taiwan’s government has not detected unusual military activity.

On Monday, Taiwan recorded seven Chinese aircraft that had entered its air defense zone but remained far from the actual island itself, in a repeat of previous behavior the government has called China’s “gray zone” warfare.

Taiwan’s statement comes days after the Chinese Foreign Ministry stated that the island is “not Ukraine,”As it is an unalienable part China. Speaking on Wednesday, the foreign ministry in Beijing claimed Taiwan’s connection to China “is an indisputable legal and historical fact.”

Taiwan maintained that it is an independent territory, strongly rejecting China’s territorial claims, stating only the island’s people can decide its own future.

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