Switzerland likely to hold vote on compulsory vaccination — Analysis

Swiss activists are seeking to ban compulsory vaccination. They claim they have enough support to vote. This week, the government received the initiative.

The group, called the Swiss Freedom Movement (MLS), formally submitted the proposal to protect people’s “freedom and physical integrity”To the Federal Chancellery Bern on Thursday.

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MLS claimed they had collected 125,000 signatures. This is 25,000 more than the law requires to have issues put to a national vote. This group wants to change the constitution so that all citizens can vote. “must not be punished” for refusing a vaccine, “nor suffer social or professional disadvantages”It is because it.

The group’s president, Richard Koller, told Keystone-SDA news agency that the amendment would apply not only to Covid-19 vaccination, but “to other vaccines, chips and digital information that would be implanted in the body.”

Next year, the vote will be on the ballot initiative.

Swiss voters approved last month a law that permits health passes. Some opponents claim it is actually a mandate to use vaccines. 

Although there is no broad vaccine mandate now, the country’s Federal Council can require vaccination for certain groups, such as frontline healthcare workers. However, some politicians have endorsed compulsory vaccination. This includes the incoming Swiss President Ignazio Cass who stated that mandatory vaccination is a good idea. “can be useful,”However “as a last resort.”



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