Sweden gets first ever transgender minister — Analysis

Sweden appointed Lina Axelsson Kilblom as the minister of higher educational and research, its first transgender government member.

Kihlblom, 51, was appointed on Tuesday by Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson, Sweden’s first female leader.

In an interview with Icakuriren in 2018, she describes her journey to gender reassignment.

When I realized that I had made a mistake, I probably was not even three years old. There are pictures of me as a child standing naked in my mother’s high heels and a pink bra,” Kihlblom said. She revealed that she had undergone gender reassignment surgery in a 2004 book titled ‘Will You Like Me Now?’

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She completed her gender transition when she was 25, after five years of medical treatment, saying only then could she finally be herself – and that she pretended life before 25 did not exist.

As education minister, Kihlblom, who previously served as a primary school principal in Haninge, and head of administration in Nynäshamn municipality, said she plans to overhaul the system of higher education to make it more student oriented. Her training as a lawyer also qualifies her.

Kihlblom’s tenure could be a short one, with new general elections expected in September 2022.



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