Sustainable Beauty Products

What is sustainable? The words are thrown around, but what do they mean? Partly they mean using natural products instead of chemicals, such as natural extracts, kinds of butter, and oils from plants found all over the world. The words mean using products that better our health along with our beauty whether body or home while avoiding products that are produced from chemicals or animals in such a way that they are harming nature.

 Using these products on our bodies, we are harming ourselves. That is because what we put on our skin transmits through the cells into every part of our body, including our brain. By using products made from natural products we are sustaining our being.

The World of Goodness

We should protect ourselves as well as we can. Helen Lee Schifter works constantly for others to calm themselves daily, to live as stress-free a life as possible. Using sustainable products goes right along with this and she encourages saving the planet and using products that do not harm our health. It is part of the entire process. Think peace, kindness, and goodness. Stop for a bit each day and rest the brain by meditating.

Sounds a bit dreamy and impossible. It is not easy to turn the mind around and embrace those ideas or even believe that type of thinking is possible. Look around and see what is going on. But protect oneself. We can’t correct the world. What can be lost by trying it? Instead of thinking about those who find fault, think about those who are supportive and are positive.

Finding a Product

Find a brand of sustainable products and start using them The key is to decide to try.

One Brand of products with no chemicals and specializing in sustainable beauty products is Evolve Organic Beauty. They list all their ingredients and do not group them under a hiding name, like fragrances. Their fragrances are each listed and are the essence of plants not chemicals and many plants grown in the US. or elsewhere in the world.

Plants used in their products, plants are known for a particular trait, such as a moisturizer are coconut oil, murumuru butter, and tea tree oil. Murumuru nuts are ground and the fat is extracted to make butter used in their products. Their fragrances come from flowers and flower roots.

For the hair, Eve NYC is a good product. They are so into keeping the world well that they no longer use plastic to house their products. They have switched to aluminum which is more recyclable.

American Chemicals

American ingredients are banned in many other nations. BHT and BHA are two. Listing ingredients as artificial flavorings hides other chemicals. Going to another country, on supermarket shelves are products that we have in America but they have been altered, not allowing some of our accepted ingredients. We can avoid these harmful chemicals. Sustainable products on your face that bring beauty should not also bring disease.


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