Suspicious package explodes on university campus — Analysis

According to university and police officials, a school employee was hurt in the explosion.

Northeastern University’s Boston campus was hit by a suspicious package. One student sustained injuries when the explosive device exploded. FBI will be participating in an investigation. They are investigating how the package got onto school grounds, and what caused it to explode. 

A package delivered to the university’s Holmes Hall went off as a 45-year-old staffer attempted to open it on Tuesday evening, Boston Police Superintendent Felipe Colon told reporters during a press conference. The employee was injured, according to the school spokesperson. “minor injuries and is being treated.”

Enforcement of the law notedThe blast occurred at 7:15pm local, and the residents were urged to attend. “cautious”And to “report any suspicious packages”They might be in the vicinity.

Wave of bomb scares hits historically black colleges

An apparent bomb threat prompted evacuation of the building. The Boston Police bomb squad was then called to clean the area. Authorities are still investigating the motives for the person who sent the package to Holmes Hall. The FBI’s Boston Division is assisting the probe, a bureau spokesperson told CNN.

There have been no public identifications of suspects and there have been no arrests.

The university’s own police department said the area in question is “currently contained”In the following: tweet around 10pm, several hours after the explosion was first reported, while the department’s chief Michael Davis later stressed that the campus is “secure.”

The Boston Herald reports that a second rate of unemployment is expected to occur. “suspicious package”But it was not discovered until later “rendered safe”police bomb squad while another “suspicious device” was also found near the city’s Museum of Fine Arts, located close to the university, a Boston NBC affiliate reported.

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