Survey reveals if Brits have any faith in survival of mankind — Analysis

New polls show that Conservatives have twice the optimism about humanity’s future as Labour Party members.

Britons’ faith in the survival of mankind has decreased compared to 2016, a new YouGov poll has revealed, with Conservatives turning out to be much more optimistic about humanity’s prospects.

According to the survey, conducted between January 21 and 23, “Britons feel less certain than before that humanity will be here for the long-term..” Only 23% of the respondents believe our species will never die out, compared to 30% of optimists in 2016.

Out of the 1,747 adults who took part in the poll, 3% think that mankind will be extinct less than 100 years from now – one percentage point more than in 2016. 24% of the 1,747 adults who took part in the poll still think that mankind will die within 100 years, which is one percentage point more than 2016’s 28%.

Meanwhile, British Conservatives have remained optimistic about mankind’s survival prospects: A whopping 31% (36% in 2016) believe that people will never be extinct. But, Labour support has seen a significant decline in faith: 17% of Labour respondents believe that humanity will survive, while 30% thought so.

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Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, the two main potential causes of mankind’s extinction have remained the same according to Britons: nuclear bomb and climate change.

But, since 2016, there’s been significant progress in regard to both predicted apocalypses: Since 2016, the percentage who picked Climate Change has risen by 11 points while nuclear Armageddon has also risen by 5 points,” the researchers explained.

Expectations that a pandemic will wipe out humanity were still far lower – with such a scenario in third place – despite the world’s recent experience with Covid-19.

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