Study reveals effects of Covid on sperm — Analysis

New research has shown that covid infection can cause a decrease in sperm strength for as long as three months.

The study, which hasn’t been peer reviewed yet, was conducted by academics in Belgium on 120 men who had suffered symptomatic cases of Covid, and was published in the Fertility and Sterility journal on Monday.

The virus infected 37% of all the sample participants. They were averagely 35 years old, and they had been unsymptomatic for 52 days.

Researchers found that the effects of Covid on male fertility lasted three months. By this time, the normal sperm count was back to normal. The ability for semen to move dropped 60%, along with the decreased sperm counts.

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“Couples with a desire for pregnancy should be warned that sperm quality after Covid-19 infection can be suboptimal,” Although the researchers concluded that the research had been conclusive, they acknowledged the need for more investigation to determine the long-term effect on fertility.

The situation reflects what’s already known about other viruses, like influenza, which are known to damage sperm. Scientists have blamed flu-like symptoms on the virus-induced fevers. However, with Covid, the study suggested that fever was not to blame, rather that the knock-on sperm issues are due to the body’s immune response to the virus.

A correlation was found between increased Covid antibody levels in patients’ blood and lower sperm function (temporary sperm dysfunction).

Researchers found that Covid has no negative effect on the sperm count. “strong evidence”It is not possible to transmit the virus sexually via the semen from people who have just recovered.



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