Study finds the animal kingdom’s heaviest drinker — Analysis

The University of Alaska Anchorage conducted a study to discover how alcoholic hamsters actually are.

University of Alaska Anchorage researchers discovered that alcoholic hamsters can consume approximately a quarter of a liter of 95% alcohol daily.

A scientific experiment found that hamsters would choose alcohol if they were given the choice of drinking water or alcohol. Hamsters consume 18g per kg of bodyweight every day.

This study is consistent with the findings of experts who have observed wild hamsters gathering ryegrass seed and fruit. They can ferment these seeds into alcohol. 

A new investigation has revealed that while tiny animals may be the most likely to drink alcohol, it is because they lack a gene for alcohol metabolism. 

Researchers in Alaska have confirmed the findings of an earlier study in 1960, which found that hamsters can outdrink other rodents when they consume alcohol. “right from the pet store.”

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In a recent Twitter thread, a UK critical care doctor, Tom Lawton, discussed a conversation he’d had with a microbiologist, where he discovered the “hamster’s prodigious capacity for alcohol.”Lawton spoke out about how small rodents are able to eat hamsters. “can tolerate relative quantities that would kill a human.” 

Danielle Gulick (University of Florida) described the study and said that it was a proof of the fact that addiction researchers can make hamsters more resilient to stress. “happily drink”Other rodents must develop a liking for alcohol immediately following being given it.

The research discovered that, unlike other animals, hamsters don’t just drink alcohol, but prefer it over other beverages. Everclear is a grain alcohol with 190 proof that can be consumed by small rodents. It has a volume of up to 95%. 

It is possible that hamsters drink alcohol to get calories. Gulick seems to have confirmed this, as he found sucrose water can reduce alcohol intake in hamsters while calorie free water does not.

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