‘Squid game’ challenge leaves 3 Aussie kids with horrendous sugar burns amid ‘copycat’ trend — RT World News

Following an attempt to make Dalgona candy from scratch, three Australian children received serious burns in a Sydney pediatric hospital.

An “Urgent”On Monday, the Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network published a warning asking parents for caution about their children’s exposure to the South Korean honeycomb confection.

The street-food gained mass popularity from the hit series, prompting Squid Game fans to participate in the ‘Dalgona Candy’ challenge by concocting the melted sugar treat at home and then carving out a shape without breaking it – as characters do on the show.

“As innocuous as the game might sound,”It poses significant danger of getting scalded. Dr Erik La Hei is the Acting Head for the Burns Unit at the Children’s Hospital Westmead. The sugar melts at temperatures higher than that required to boil water. This creates a hazardous mixture of heat and stickiness, which can lead to deeper and more serious burns. also available
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According to the notice, three children were rushed to the hospital for third-degree burns in the past month. As young as 14-years old, one boy sustained leg and hand injuries. He will need ongoing care and will be kept in an ice pack for the rest of his life.

Similar incidents have been reported in Australia by burns units, but injuries caused by copycat attempts at making the candy were also recorded elsewhere. A hospital in Birmingham in the UK noticed a rise in cases of scalding among children this week.

Last week, eight people were killed when two gangs attacked a Squid Game Halloween party in Santa Ana Panama.

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