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Spotlight on Visionaries: Second Annual Conscious Choice Awards – Vote Now!

The much-anticipated Second Annual 4BIDDEN Conscious Awards is upon us, and it promises to be a riveting celebration of innovative minds and transformative leaders. Spearheaded by the charismatic Billy and Elisabeth Carson, this event not only showcases but also honors those who have made remarkable contributions in their respective fields. 

This year, we are thrilled to announce Giorgio Tsoukalos as our host, bringing an added layer of excitement to the festivities. 

Let’s dive into the profiles of our distinguished nominees, whose work spans across a multitude of disciplines.

Podcast Pioneers

  • Erin Lyons captivates her audience with enriching discussions centered on personal development.
  • Alex Ferrari delves into deep spiritual realms, enlightening listeners with each episode.
  • Shawn Ryan brings his robust security and military expertise to the forefront in his podcasts.
  • Roderick Martin intrigues with his investigative takes on conspiracy theories.
  • Sean Kelly explores the intricate dance between technology and societal shifts.

Celestial Explorers

  • Martine Graney champions for clearer transparency in space exploration.
  • Rami Bar Ilan provides insightful analyses of aerial phenomena.
  • Avi Loeb, a standout in the study of interstellar objects, broadens our cosmic horizons.
  • Neville Thompson meticulously analyzes space mission data to highlight celestial anomalies.

Visionary TV Hosts

  • Regina Meredith offers alternative viewpoints on spirituality and wellness.
  • Jimmy Church ventures into the enigmatic realm of the paranormal.
  • Nick Pope lends his expertise on extraterrestrial theories.
  • Brad Olsen uncovers the mystique of Antarctica.
  • King Simon enlightens with his profound knowledge of numerology.

Digital Trendsetters

  • Influencers like @shwetasinghkirti, @lawofattractionlive, and others, inspire with motivational and empowering content across social platforms.

Spiritual Guides

  • Sadhguru enlightens with his deep reflections on existential realities.
  • Michael B. Beckwith preaches spiritual openness.
  • Doctah B Sirius focuses on holistic wellness.
  • Cortney Kane Sides is renowned for her spiritually-infused art and insights.
  • Bruce H. Lipton bridges the gap between science and spirituality with his innovative approach.

Humanitarian Heroes

  • Zeek leverages technology for educational reforms.
  • Dr. Daniel Amen is a stalwart in mental health and cognitive wellness.
  • Chakabars pushes for societal betterment and community health.
  • Tim Storey inspires with his transformative motivational talks.
  • Communities in Schools work tirelessly to enhance student educational outcomes.

Musical Innovators

  • Londrelle integrates mindfulness into his music.
  • Trevor Jackson pushes the boundaries of R&B.
  • Ras Kass blends historical narratives with his lyrics.
  • Gorilla Tek and DAX infuse spiritual themes into their music, while Donny Arcade explores metaphysical concepts in his compositions.

Creative Minds in Film

  • Zohar Entertainment, Sid Goldberg, and Caroline Cory are lauded for their content that explores historical mysteries and metaphysical themes.
  • 3rd Phase of the Moon captivates with their UFO documentaries.

Wellness Advocates

  • Mike Rashid, Dr. Tara Swart, Tana Amen, Dr. Patrick Porter, and Dr. Joe Dispenza are all leaders in promoting physical and mental wellness through innovative methods.

Innovative Entrepreneurs

  • Gven Sariol, Richard Merritt, Kika Wise, Robert Grant, and Tay & Felicia Sweat are recognized for their forward-thinking business strategies in sustainability and wellness.

Scholars and Storytellers

  • Paul Wallis, Matthew LaCroix, Mohamed Ibrahim, Graham Hancock, and Christopher Dunn are celebrated for their profound work in ancient history and mythology.

Archaeological Trailblazers

  • Alongside host Giorgio Tsoukalos, Hugh Newman, Nassim Haramein, Brien Foerster, and Linda Moulton Howe are recognized for their pioneering research into ancient civilizations and alien phenomena.

This event is not just a ceremony but a vibrant conclave of minds passionate about paving the way for a brighter future. Make sure to cast your vote for these phenomenal individuals and secure your tickets to the Second Annual 4BIDDEN Conscious Awards. 

For further details on voting and ticket purchases, visit the 4BIDDEN Conscious Awards website. Join us in celebrating these outstanding achievements and contribute to shaping a forward-thinking world.


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