Spain Reports Second Death From Monkeypox

MADRID — Spain has reported a second death in as many days from monkeypox, its health ministry said Saturday.

This is believed to have been the first case of monkeypox confirmed since the outbreak in Europe. According to the ministry, no information was provided about the death. On Friday, the ministry announced its first case of death due to this disease.

More than 21,00 monkeypox cases have been reported in almost 80 countries worldwide since May. In Africa there have been 75 deaths, most of them in Nigeria and Congo. A more deadly form of monkeypox has spread than it does in the West. Brazil was also affected by monkeypox, as reported Friday.

On Friday, Spain’s health ministry reported 4,298 people were infected with the virus, making it the leading European country for monkeypox cases. Some 3,500 of those infected were men who had had sexual relations with others. Only 64 of those cases were from women.

According to the ministry, 120 people required hospital care.

Spain has received 5,300 vaccines from the EU. Health officials are now administering them. Health workers say that’s far fewer than the number needed to cover the at-risk groups.

Since decades Monkeypox is endemic to certain parts of Africa. Experts linked the leap of Monkeypox to Europe and North America to two raves held in Spain and Belgium.

Although it is most commonly spread through skin-toskin contact, the virus can be passed through bedding that has been used to transmit monkeypox. The symptoms include body aches and fatigue, as well as fever. It has not been reported in any significant numbers of men. The illness is contagious and can last for many weeks.

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