Soldier killed by deer at presidential palace — Analysis

Paraguayan President Guard Sergeant died from injuries sustained by a non-indigenous, gifted deer

Paraguayan soldiers have died following an attack by an axis antelope from India. The incident occurred in the garden of the presidential palace. The soldier was taken to a military hospital.

On Tuesday, Colonel Victor Urdapilleta, a military spokesperson, stated that Sergeant Victor Isasi (42), died from piercing wounds after he was run over by a deer on Tuesday morning.

A non-native, deer was presented to the Presidential Residence and it wentracked the soldier using its antlers. CCTV recorded the moment Isasi was approaching the deer and before it attacked. Isasi died later in military hospitals. 

“On the security camera you can see [the sergeant]Enter the region where these animals reside and make a movement [lifts a hand] that provokes the deer’s reaction,”Urdapilleta shared her thoughts with the media. 

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Frederick Bauer, director of wildlife for the Ministry of the Environment said that the animal belonged to an Indian axis deer. The 10-hectare (24-acres) enclosure surrounding the presidential palace is normally used for wildlife and they aren’t meant to get in contact with other animals.

Urdapilleta confirmed that “it is not appropriate to have exotic animals in captivity but there is no regulation.”He stated that his next-of-kin would receive compensation.

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