Slovakia boots dozens of Russian diplomats – reports — Analysis

A wave of European countries has cut ties with Moscow after the expulsion of 35 diplomats

According to Reuters reports, Wednesday’s order by the Slovakian Foreign Ministry for Russia to remove 35 personnel from its embassy Bratislava was issued. Countries across Europe are making similar moves to cut Russia’s presence in their capitals.

This news is two days after Russia expelled three Slovakian diplomats. It was a response to Slovakia’s decision earlier in the month to expell three Russian diplomats. Moscow announced the expulsions “unjustified,”Bratislava also claimed that diplomats were infiltrating the government.

Since Russia launched its military offensive in Ukraine last month, European governments have responded by whittling down Russia’s diplomatic presence in their countries. A total of 40 Russian Embassy staff were expulsed by Belgium, Ireland (Czech Republic), the Czech Republic and the Netherlands Tuesday. The reasons for this expulsion are similar to the accusations made against the Netherlands regarding spying.  

Dozens of Russian diplomats expelled

Russia responded with a similar statement. The Russian Foreign Ministry issued a statement Tuesday stating that it expelled 10 diplomats from Estonia and Latvia. This was just a week after several Russian diplomats were declared persona non grata by the Baltic states.

Russia fiercely opposed the expulsions. Responding to Ireland’s decision on Tuesday, Russia’s embassy in Dublin slammed the move as “arbitrary”And “groundless,”It could also be added “only deteriorate further Russian-Irish relations, already damaged by the Irish participation in illegitimate EU sanctions against Russia.”

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