Shows to Watch After Finishing Ozark’s Final Season

SLet’s say goodbye Ozark after four thrilling seasons won’t be easy. Ask Ruth Langmore, Julia Garner. But it’s possible to fill that OzarkOther TV shows similar to Jason Bateman’s Netflix series, about a financial consultant who is accused of laundering money for the Mexican drug cartel. Here’s a list of 11 shows that delve into OzarkThese topics include international drug traffic, troubled families, double identity, and the reasons why good people make bad choices. (We’re omitting prestige dramas such as Better Call Saul Breaking BadPlease see the following: AmericansIn favor of less-known crime-fiction.

These shows will keep you riveted. Ozark did:

Queen of South

Alice Braga portrays Teresa Mendoza as her drug-dealing lover. She flees to Texas and begins work at Camila Vargas.Ozark’s Verónica Falcón), the estranged wife of the Mexican cartel boss who took her lover’s life. Teresa has a knack for drug distribution, which quickly makes her an enemy of Camila—and the U.S. government.

You can watch it on Netflix


This espionage thriller stars Niv Sultan as Tamar, a Mossad hacker-agent who goes undercover in Iran’s capital city to help destroy a nuclear reactor. When her mission fails, she’s left fighting for survival in a place where no one can be trusted. That includes season 2’s newest addition, Marjan Montazeri, an undercover agent played by Glenn Close.

You can watch it on AppleTV+


Over the course of four seasons, the FX anthology series—a spiritual adaptation of the Coen Brothers 1996 movie of the same name—has tackled botched murders, warring Upper Midwest crime syndicates, and a case of stamp stealing gone horribly wrong. It’s also the series that gave us a delightful onscreen and offscreen couple: Kirsten Dunst and Jesse Plemons.

You can watch it at Hulu


This FX series offers a look at the crack cocaine epidemic in 1980s Los Angeles through the eyes of those directly impacted by it: drug kingpin-in-training Franklin Saint (Damson Idris), CIA operative Teddy McDonald (Carter Hudson), Mexican luchador-turned-cartel enforcer Gustavo “El Oso” Zapata (Sergio Peris-Mencheta), and the daughter of Mexican crime boss Lucia Villanueva (Emily Rios).

You can watch it at Hulu

Good girls

Retta, Christina Hendricks and Mae Whitman are three of the women in this drama about suburban moms who end up living a life that is largely based on crime, to help support their struggling children.

You can watch it on Netflix

Harlem’s Godfather

This prequel is to the film of 2007 American Gangster, Forest Whitaker plays the 1960s New York City crime boss Ellsworth “Bumpy” Johnson. Bumpy was the Godfather of Harlem. He fought the Italian mob, and became friends with Malcolm X.

You can watch it at Hulu


The Rayburns believe family is the most important thing. That is, until troubled eldest son Danny (played by Ben Mendelsohn) threatens to reveal the powerful brood’s darkest secrets. Then it’s everyone for themselves. Friday Night Lights’s Kyle Chandler and I’m Dead to Me’s Linda Cardellini also star in this swampy thriller set in the Florida Keys.

You can watch it on Netflix

Sneaky Pete

Giovanni Ribisi, a conman on the loose who pretends to be his ex-cellmate Pete, is an undercover thief. He goes so far as to reunite with Pete’s estranged family, all in the hopes of staving off a vicious gangster with a vendetta.

It’s available on Amazon Prime Video


A charismatic ex-con (played by Antony Starr) poses as the late sheriff of Banshee—a small town in Pennsylvania’s Amish country—to escape the wrath of a powerful crime lord named Rabbit (Ben Cross). Coincidentally, that locale is where his ex, who happens to be Rabbit’s daughter Anastasia (Ivana Miličević), is hiding out under a new alias. Hijinks ensue.

It’s available on HBO Max


Nancy Botwin (Mary Louise Parker), after the death of her husband suddenly, starts selling marijuana to help support her kids. It’s only a matter of time before this suburban mom realizes it feels good to break bad. That’s when this dark Showtime comedy turns great—and gets even more complicated.

It’s available on Amazon Prime VideoOder Peacock


It’s not personal—just business—in this Italian crime drama named after the purest cocaine on the market. The violent thriller debuted in 2020 and takes an inside look at the workings of the drug industry. The story centers around the Lynwoods family, which is led by Gabriel Byrne and whose shipping firm acts as the broker for cocaine between Mexican crime families and Italian criminals.

It’s available on Amazon Prime Video

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