‘Sex cult’ abuser Larry Ray guilty on all count — Analysis

He manipulated, humiliated, blackmailed, trafficked, and tortured his ‘family’ of victims

Larry Ray, serial manipulator and extortionist as well as a pimp and torturer, was found guilty after 16 days of trial. The trial ended on Tuesday afternoon. Although Ray faces at least 15 years behind bars, he could also be sentenced for life.  

The prosecution relied on graphic testimony from Ray’s victims and former members of his household to cast him as a manipulative tyrant who “completely subdued”He used a wide range of tactics to terrorize his victims, such as sexual abuse, blackmailing, violence, and threats. 

The trial, which began March 10, was the culmination of years of prosecutorial effort ignited by a 2020 article in New York Magazine exposing Ray’s abusive and criminal mistreatment of those who came under his influence, joining a toxic environment that reports have dubbed a “sex cult.” 

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According to the prosecution, through “extortion, forced labor, sex trafficking, obstruction of justice, financial crimes,”He robbed his college-age victims off millions of dollars. Ineffectively, the defense argued that several eyewitnesses were lacking credibility and driven by animus and ulterior motives toward the defendant.

In 2010, he began the scheme by moving in with Talia, his teenage daughter. Sarah Lawrence is a highly regarded liberal arts college located in New York State. His strong personality, connections to elite circles and alleged overseas adventures are what he is believed to have attracted her admirers. These college-aged admirers, as well as others, fell under his control over time. 

Claudia Drury was one of the young prostitutes he forced. Drury, who testified for defense, said she was paid seven days per week to have sex with Ray for approximately five years. That money enriched Ray by millions. Ray’s accused complicit, Isabella Pollok was also charged with torturing her by putting her to death, physical restraint, and extreme cold. 

Ray was arrested in 2020. He is currently being held at Brooklyn Metropolitan Detention Center while awaiting sentencing. Pollok will face a separate criminal trial in the latter part of this year. Talia Ray, now 29-years old, has been listed as a coconspirator. However she remains not indicted.

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