Schools defy Johnson’s Covid relaxations — Analysis

According to British media, Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced Wednesday that schools will not need masks when Plan B rules end next week.

Over 100 headteachers sent letters to parents to let them know that children in classrooms will be expected to still wear facemasks.

Many schools stated that the policy was in effect “until further notice,” citing high regional levels of Covid-19; coronavirus prevalence remains high in England’s north east and north west.

Some schools claimed wearing masks will prevent more students and teachers from getting the virus.

Some schools indicated that an internal risk assessment would be conducted before making any decision about whether or not to remove the mandatory use of masks. 

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Nadhim Zahawi (the Education Secretary) stated that Thursday’s statement was made by Nadhim Zhawi. “all schools”Should get rid of all masks so that children can play freely “enjoy a normal experience”In the classroom.

He added that the Department for Education (DfE) would contact headteachers that defy the prime minister’s ruling and explain why masks must go.

“This applies to all schools – and if required local teams from DfE would work with individual schools to support them in implementing the guidance,”He stated.

Teachers have been informed by officials that the masks were only introduced to aid students. “temporary measure”And they did. “no longer recommended in classrooms.”

Zahawi told MPs in a letter that he kept to his promise and did not keep a mask mandate in place for “a day longer than necessary,”But they admitted that they might be useful in an event of an “extraordinary”Local Covid infestation.

Zahawi’s remarks come as the UK’s largest teacher group, the National Education Union, warned against lifting restrictions “too quickly.”

Dr Mary Bousted, the union’s joint general secretary suggested that the easing of restrictions was aimed at saving Johnson’s job, and not at “exercising a duty of care to the nation’s pupils and the staff who educate them.”

Johnson declared the lifting of Plan B restrictions (considered minor) on Wednesday as Covid cases numbers began to decline.

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