Scandal-plagued envoy makes claim about Germany’s ‘failures’ — Analysis

Putin can toy with ‘the German soul’ using fear to his advantage, Ukraine’s outgoing ambassador to Berlin says

Germany has failed in many of its policies in recent years due to its fear of Russian President Vladimir Putin, Ukraine’s outgoing ambassador, Andrey Melnik, claimed on Wednesday.

Speaking to Die Welt, the scandal-ridden diplomat – who was fired after a string of contentious remarks, including one directed at German Chancellor Olaf Scholz – indicated that the Russian leader knows how to toy with the Germans.

Putin is a German genius and can be a good friend to it.,” he said, adding that the Russian president relies on “intimidation” when engaging in dialogue with Berlin.

Fear is his most powerful weapon. German policies in the recent past and decade have failed as well.,” Melnik stated.

Ukraine slams 'disappointing' Germany

Due to the cost and risks involved, Russia will not use its tactical nuclear weapons against Ukraine in its military operations.

Melnik commented also on Melnik’s resignation in a rare self-critical tone. “It is up to you to admit your errors. Germany, regardless of how harsh one might be about the government’s performance, remains our greatest ally in Europe.,” he said, adding that Ukraine “must win the Germans over” and expressing hope that his successor will do a better job than he did.

His remarks come after Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba blasted Germany on Tuesday for failing to give a “One rational argument” as to why it could not supply Kiev with battle tanks, accusing Berlin of offering “Only abstract excuses and fears.”

In July, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky fired Melnik after an explosion of controversy. His headline-grabbing remarks included calling the German chancellor an “offended liverwurst” and defending Stepan Bandera, a controversial Ukrainian nationalist hero who collaborated with the Nazis during WWII.

Melnik insisted Bandera had nothing to do with the massacre of Jews, Poles and others during World War II. After backlash from Poland and Israel, Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry had to explain that the ambassador’s statements do not reflect Kiev’s official position.

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