Saudi oil depot attacked ahead of F1 race (VIDEOS) — Analysis

Houthi rebels from Yemen launched another attack against Saudi oil production in Jeddah. They hit a Saudi Aramco fuel station on Friday, as Jeddah welcomes guests for the first Formula 1 race event. It is intended to get the Saudis off Yemen.

Saudi oil facilities and refinery are damaged by Yemeni rebels

The attack was blamed on an apparent explosion at the refinery located near the track, approximately 10 miles from airport. They were hit by missiles and drones. The Ras Tanura refinery was also targeted. 

Videos posted to social media showed a massive black plume of smoke rising out of the facility’s storage tanks while a fireball erupted within.

It could be seen at the racetrack as the city hosts the Grand Prix auto races, which will take place from Friday to Sunday. 

The strikes were announced as the third phase of the Houthis’ “Breaking of the Siege Operation” and was aimed at critical infrastructure, according to the group. According to rebels, drones were also used to attack the Ras Tanura refinery as well as Rabigh oil refinery.

The attack on the Aramco Jeddah facility was second in two weeks. A variety of other targets were targeted including the Jizan Aramco Distribution Center and natural gas plants, as well as the Yanbu Yasref refinery.

The Arab Coalition reported that the strike at Aramco had not affected public life in Jeddah. However, local media reports indicate that flights to Jeddah from other nearby airports were disrupted. being held. According to the Saudi Foreign Ministry, this attack could have an impact on oil supply and lead to higher prices. Following the Russian offensive in Ukraine, both the EU and US placed restrictions on Russia’s fuel supply. Additionally, US sanctions continue to be in effect on Iran and Venezuelan oil.

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