Russian opera stars Gergiev and Netrebko fired over Ukraine invasion — Analysis

Prominent Russian conductor Valery Gergiev and soprano legend Anna Netrebko were removed from their positions by German arts organizations on Tuesday in response to Moscow’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine.

Gergiev, who had been serving as the chief conductor of the Munich Philharmonic, was dismissed by the city’s mayor, Dieter Reiter, after he failed to meet a Monday deadline to denounce Russian President Vladimir Putin and the conflict.

Gergiev was forced to resign three years prior to the end of his contract. This marks Gergiev’s third setback. Gergiev has been subjected backlash for his silence regarding the war.

Bavarian State Opera also announced cancellations of bookings with Gergiev. The conductor, who was also the honourary president of Edinburgh International Festival, resigned immediately.

Gergiev’s management company had already announced that it was severing ties with the musical professional, having represented him since December 2020. Marcus Felsner (the owner of the management company) stated that the Russian regime’s recent actions made them “unfit for purpose”. “impossible”For them to “defend the interests of Maestro Gergiev.”

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In addition to Gergiev’s dismissal, the Bavarian State Opera also announced it was cancelling upcoming performances with Russian soprano Anna Netrebko.

Netrebko was previously associated with Putin. He has also been photographed past holding a flag used by separatist groups within Ukraine’s breakaway republics.

Netrebko cancels bookings despite Yusif Eyvazov, her husband, signing a joint declaration in which she said that she was being canceled. “opposed to this war”The acknowledgment “pain and suffering”Ukrainians have experienced this.

Netrebko, however, criticised artists for asking them to condemn war. She stated that “forcing artists, or any public figure to voice their political opinions in public and to denounce their homeland is not right.”

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