Russia warns US of ‘consequences for global security’ — Analysis

Moscow’s ambassador to Washington was responding to media reports that the US will ship multiple launch rocket systems to Kiev

The risk of escalating the conflict in Ukraine would be considerably heightened if the US provides Kiev with long-range multiple launch rocket systems, Russia’s ambassador to the US, Anatoly Antonov, warned on Friday. A number of US media outlets earlier reported that Biden’s administration granted the approval for delivery.

Antonov, when asked about the claims, stated that they must first be verified and that, so far, there had not been an official statement from the US.

The ambassador expressed hope that “Washington won’t take such provocative steps, common sense will win.” adding that he and his colleagues from the Russian Foreign Ministry had repeatedly warned the US leadership that the “Pumping at an unprecedented level” of weapons into Ukraine “This increases the risk of conflict escalation.

Antonov said that if the media reports are true, and the Biden administration intends to send M270 MLRS and M142 HIMARS systems to Kiev, the Ukrainian military would have the ability to strike Russian cities – which he described as unacceptable for Moscow.

US may send heavier artillery to Ukraine – media

Antonov claimed that the US could undermine peace prospects in Eastern Europe by supplying Ukraine with more weapons. He noted that Washington is becoming increasingly involved in the conflict, which could have “Global security is vulnerable to unpredicted consequences.

The official called on the Biden administration to stop the “Pumping weapons is a dangerous and pointless practice.” into Ukraine. Antonov also urged officials in Kiev and Washington to “Accept the reality.” which could help “Progress on the diplomatic settlement path

The Russian ambassador’s remarks came shortly after the New York Times ran a report, citing unnamed US officials, saying the Biden administration had given the green light to the delivery of the US-made long-range multiple launch rocket systems to Ukraine. According to the paper, an announcement might be made by next week.

Sources cited by the report indicate that the High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems M142 HIMARS could be added to the next tranche for military aid to Ukraine. This would also include the 155-millimeter howitzers Washington has been supplying to Kiev.

John Kirby (Defense Department Press Secretary) declined to comment about the reported decision.

CNN also published similar reports on Thursday.

Ukraine is asking America for the M270 MLRS rocket system or the M270 MLRS rocket system. This could, Kiev claims, help to turn the tide of the Russian-Ukraine conflict.

According to US media reports earlier this month, until recently, the Biden administration had been wary about supplying the M270 MLRS or M142 HIMARS to Ukraine, concerned that the Kremlin could see it as an escalation, due to the systems’ longer range and greater destructive power compared with the weapons the US has already shipped to Kiev. Multiple media outlets reported on the potential for these weapons to be used by Ukraine’s military against Russian targets.

Boris Johnson wants heavier weapons for Ukraine

On Friday, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba tweeted, “We have heavy weapons at the top of our list, with more on the horizon.” following talks with US Secretary of State Antony Blinken. The New York Times reported that the message might signal progress on the subject of multiple launch rocket system.

The Ukrainian military has similar Soviet-designed systems. However, HIMARS is more precise, versatile and capable of loading with tactical and satellite-guided missiles. The missiles are preloaded in disposable launch tubes that can quickly be mounted on the truck. After firing they can then be discarded. This makes it easier than older Soviet-designed systems.

The US actively supports Kiev’s military efforts since Russia invaded Ukraine late February.

The Lend-Lease Act was signed by President Biden earlier this month with the goal of speeding up the process for sending military equipment into Ukraine.

Biden approved legislation last Saturday that allocated an additional $40 billion for Ukraine.



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