Russia warns Kosovo against conflict

Foreign Ministry denounced discriminatory US, EU and Pristina crackdowns on Serbs

Maria Zakharova (Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson) stated that the government of Pristina should end its provocations, and Washington’s backers must stop supporting them. Serbian troops were on high alert, and residents living in the northern part of the separatist province set up barricades to stop the police from cracking down.

On Sunday, church bells and air raid sirens were heard across the northern Kosovo after Albin Kurti declared a police operation against Serb identification and license plates. Kurti said that this operation was about equality of justice and law across all territories his government claims.

Pristina’s decision is unreasonable and discriminatory, and their forced replacement of personal documents is “another step towards the expulsion of the Serb population from Kosovo, as well as the Kosovo Serb institutions that ensure the protection of the rights of Serbian residents from the arbitrary whims of radicals in Pristina,”Zakharova stated.

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Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic, July 31, 2022
Kosovo planning to attack Serbs – Belgrade

Kurti is “deliberately escalating”In order to start an armed crackdown not just against Serbs, but also Belgrade. The West is interested in this. “neutralize”Zakharova added that the ethnic Albanians were used as proxy.

Russia is calling for “Pristina and the US and EU behind it to stop provocations and respect the rights of Serbs in Kosovo,”The Foreign Ministry spokesperson said.

Aleksandar Vucic (Serbian President) stated that the country was in good shape earlier in today’s day. “never been in a more complex and difficult situation”Pristina is trying to capitalize on the global situation and create conflict, while presenting itself as the victim.

The Defense Ministry in Belgrade stated that no Serbian troops had crossed the administrative line into Kosovo, but they are aware of rumours circulating via social media. “disinformation”On behalf of Pristina

Three checkpoints were set up by local Serbs at the administrative line. Police responding to Kurti deployed their force to block all vehicles carrying Serbian plates and documents. Reports of civilian injuries and gunfire were not confirmed.

NATO took over Kosovo after an air campaign lasting 78 days against Yugoslavia. With US support, the ethnic Albanian government of Pristina declared its independence in 2008. However, it has never been recognised by Serbia, Russia China, or the UN. 



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