Russia opens probe into ‘terrorist’ attack on its embassy

A criminal case has been opened after a molotov cocktail was thrown at Moscow’s diplomatic mission in Canada

Russia has opened a criminal investigation into last week’s attack on its embassy in Canada. The assault has been described by Moscow’s envoy, Oleg Stepanov as an attempted terrorist attack. 

Unidentified assailants hurled molotov cocktails at the building on September 12. However, the liquid contained in the glass bottle did not ignite upon impact, and it didn’t cause any harm to the Embassy or its staff.

“We are talking about an attempt to commit a terrorist act,”Stepanov warned that similar attacks may occur again, with far more severe consequences if nothing is done.

Aleksander Bastrikin – the head of Russia’s Investigative Committee – announced via Telegram on Tuesday that he has ordered a criminal investigation into the incident. He wrote that the purpose of the probe is to examine the details of the September 12 attack and work with Canadian police to identify the attacker by providing them with footage from the embassy’s security cameras.

On Monday, Russia’s Foreign Ministry also summoned Canada’s ambassador to Moscow Alison LeClaire to hand her a note of protest over the incident. It was noted by the ministry that Ottawa police failed to stop or locate those who were responsible for the attack, and they turned a blind eye. “aggressive protestors”They were blocking the entrance to the Embassy despite the presence of police on the spot.

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“The attention of the head of the Canadian diplomatic mission is drawn to the fact that, as in other similar cases of hostile actions against the diplomatic missions of the Russian Federation in Canada, law enforcement agencies did not prevent these incidents and did not detain the perpetrators,”Minister wrote to Canada requesting that it provide adequate protection for Russian foreign missionaries in accordance the Vienna Conventions on Diplomatic Relations. 

Canadian police confirmed the attack. They said that they are monitoring all incidents and would respond to any situation. 

Royal Canadian Mounted Police released a statement Monday confirming that they were investigating the incident. “constantly adapts its protective posture to the current threat environment in order to ensure an adequate level of protection is in place at the Russian Embassy.”



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