Russia expels Bulgarian diplomats — Analysis

The move comes after Sofia declared 70 Russian embassy staff ‘persona non grata’

Moscow summoned Bulgaria’s ambassador to discuss its response to Russian expulsion of foreign diplomat workers. Moscow posted Friday’s statement stating it had declared the expulsion of 14 foreign embassy and consulate employees. “persona non grata.”

This is the second similar action taken by Sofia in June against 70 Russian diplomats. They were charged with working for Russian special forces under the pretense of diplomatic activities. 

Bulgaria introduced quotas in order to restrict the Russian diplomatic and administrative personnel and temporarily closed down the Consulate General located in Ruse.

Russian Foreign Ministry declared that “responsibility for the consequences of such counterproductive steps lies entirely with the government of Bulgaria and its Prime Minister Kirill Petkov,”Adding that these actions “cause significant damage to traditional ties between our two countries.”

This was a sign of what the move meant. “further degradation of the collective West” which sacrificed the interests of its partners in order to harm Russia, the ministry said, adding that Bulgaria’s “unfriendly actions” were regrettable.

Bulgaria expels dozens of Russian diplomats

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has suggested that Petkov’s action was “not an independent decision,”He has also an “open, unambiguous pro-American position and is ready to fulfill any wishes of his sovereign.”

Lavrov said that “wishes of the sovereign” were “to kill the historical memory of the Bulgarians, to destroy the foundation of relations that have been hardened in the joint struggle for independence and in many other situations, including in recent history.” 

The diplomat added that Washington’s policy extended not just to Bulgaria but to the entirety of the Balkan region, where the US wants to “kill the historical memory”person, and first and foremost the Orthodox Christians.

The ‘diplomatic war’ between the West and Russia has significantly intensified since the launch of the Russian military offensive in Ukraine. Twelve Russian diplomats were expelled by Bulgaria in March. They were accused of violating the Vienna Convention.

According to the Russian Foreign Ministry, around 400 diplomats were expelled from 28 nations since February. Moscow considers the expulsions to be a violation of international law. “unfriendly”It has threatened to retaliate against any such actions, and it did so.

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