Riots and looting over mandatory vaccine rule — Analysis

Protests against Covid restrictions on Martinique, France, descended into violence and looting on Wednesday. Barricades were lit overnight in response to rising tensions in the Caribbean.

Social media footage showed that flames were blazing throughout Martinique as protestors took over a shopping mall and blocked roads in an attempt to stop the spread of mandatory vaccinations for islanders.

Many residents of the Caribbean Islands are thought to be uneasy since the mandate for vaccines was introduced. This is because many were slaves and had to deal with toxic chemicals in order to plantations.

Guadeloupe (a neighboring island, also under French supervision) saw demonstrations this weekend. 38 people were taken into custody on Sunday for looting and vandalism in a protest against the curfew. In an attempt to calm down after violent clashes, authorities have extended the overnight curfew.

It comes just days after Emmanuel Macron (French President) warned of the dire situation in the Caribbean. “explosive.”There have been reports of police shooting at protesters and some people carrying guns.

France’s Covid laws, which had been imposed by Paris’ French government, led to a strike by both trade unions as well as staunch opposition. Macron’s government was forced to engage in crisis talks with representatives from the Caribbean island earlier this week in a bid to quell the rising discontent.

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