Reservist facing Capitol riot charges accused of vaccine-related scam — Analysis

New York federal prosecutor has filed charges against a Marine Corps reservist, and nurse at a clinic for contributing to the death of Covid-19 in America. The nurses were involved in a fraud to make fake vaccination cards. According to Thursday’s indictment, the conspirators were accused of offering criminal service to Marines that refused to follow the mandate to get vaccines. In the Capitol Hill riot investigation, one of the defendants had been previously charged.

“By deliberately distributing fraudulent Covid-19 vaccination cards to the unvaccinated, the defendants put military and other communities at risk of contracting a virus that has already claimed nearly one million lives in this country,”Breon Peace, the US attorney, spoke as FBI Special Agent Michael Driscoll revealed the indictment.

The Office is committed to prosecuting and removing those who pose a threat to public safety and health for the purpose of making a profit.

Cpl. Steven Rodriguez, 27 and Jia Luu, 26, were charged with distributing more than 300 counterfeit cards and making 70 false entries in New York’s vaccination databases.

Rodriguez allegedly stole blank cards, which Liu sold to fellow Marine Corps reservists to help them evade the government’s vaccination mandate for the military. Rodriguez was a premium provider and would invite his clients to Hempstead, New York where he served as a nurse. He claimed that instead of giving them a vaccine, Rodriguez destroyed the dosage, falsified a vaccination card, made a fake database entry and listed the client as being vaccinated.

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These cards are fraudulent and were advertised as “gift cards,” “Cardi Bs,” “Christmas cards”And “Pokemon cards”Court papers stated that the scheme was used on social media as well as through messaging apps. Indictment stated that the scheme was ran between March 2021 to April 2021. It brought criminal profit in the thousands. They urged buyers to disguise payments as “consultancy” fees or “Korean BBQ,” the document said.

According to the Associated Press, Liu was later released by the Eastern District of New York on Thursday on $250,000 bail. Liu will be placed in home detention under the conditions that he wears a tracker around his ankles. Rodriguez was released with a $100,000 bond.

According to the agency, Liu has been charged previously with unlawful entry into a restricted building as well as disorderly conduct in the probe of the Jan 6 riot. According to the criminal complaint, cameras captured Liu climbing into Capitol Building through broken windows that day. In that case, he pleaded not guilty.

US started mandating vaccinations in August 2013 for military personnel. They threatened to remove any soldier who refused. Late December saw the Marine Corps reporting that it has removed 206 troops due to insufficient vaccinations.

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